Prophecy 9-06-2005

Dan Fineman, Sep 6, 2005

I am the Lord. I see all the hurt. I see all the pain and suffering. I see everything that you see on TV and more. I know that you do not understand what is happening, but everything has a purpose. Everything has a righteous purpose. Everything I do I do for a reason. Everything has a purpose.

This nation America, I have spoken of it many times through my prophets. I have told you so many times of its sin, of its judgment, of this harlot nation, of this harlot church that is completely unaware of its reprobate status. It is not my will that you forget the words that I spoke. It is my will that you remember my revelation word that I have shared through the prophets that I have sent to you.

My will is for you to learn of me, for many of you are like children. You recognize my voice. You know right from wrong, but I want you to be equipped to articulate to others what is right and what is wrong (just as a child can tie its shoelace, but has difficulty explaining how to do this.) Study and show yourself approved so that the tacit knowledge that you have of my way can be shared to others.

In time the birth pangs will increase, but I have spoken to you so many times before and told you why it is happening. I have shared with you what is to come. I have told you what to do to prepare yourself. So do not run to the prophets for a word for my true prophets are crying with me now, and they grieve as I grieve, and they do not want to be sought. Like Moses they wish that you were all prophets, but unlike the time of Moses, I have poured out my Spirit. I reward all those who earnestly seek me. I show no favoritism. I am the Lord and I do not lie.

Do no run to the prophets for if you run to the prophets I tell you what will happen. The soothsayers, the prestigitators, the skilled tricksters, the con-men will deceive you because of your fears, but look to me and remember the words that I have spoken through the ones that I have sent. Everything has a purpose and a reason. That is the will of your Father, of Jesus, of the Holy Spirit.

I love you all. I love you so much. You hear my voice and you follow me, but I have called you to learn and to prepare, to make yourself ready. I want so much more of you than just to follow. I want you to bear fruit. I am with you my children so cry with me tonight for tonight I cry. Cry with me my friends for I still cry for my children who will never return. I still cry for the prodigals who will never come back, who are reprobate. Yet I will have a remnant and there will be conviction, repentance.

As I have said in my word, I say to you now: rejoice and be glad. Peace to you all. I'm out.