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Dragon Stirs - Hollie L. Moody - 11 October 2001

I experienced the following vision:

I seemed to be high up in the heavens, looking down upon the earth. The earth appeared as a globe to my eyes. The Lord was standing next to me.

I saw a huge golden dragon on the earth that appeared to be asleep. For some reason, though, I sensed the dragon was very aware of all that was transpiring around it.

"What is this dragon?" I asked the Lord.

"It is the spirit of a nation," the Lord replied.

I then saw groups of men and women of every nation and nationality converging upon a certain spot on the earth. They were entering into a large meeting room. Yet, a few of the men and women first met with one another secretly and privately before the big group meeting. I watched as they solemnly nodded, and shook hands.

I then saw as the dragon opened one red tinged eye, stirred slightly, and gazed fixedly at this smaller group of men and women. The group of men and women who had met with one another in secret, joined the rest of the men and women in the large room. The dragon closed its eye, and appeared to go back to sleep. Yet I was once again pricked with the uneasy sensation that the dragon was not truly asleep, but was in fact very aware of all that was going on around it.

The men and women in the large meeting room appeared to be discussing and debating heated issues. There were piles of papers in front of each person, and they were reading and reciting from these papers. The debates and discussions became more and more heated. I watched as a small group of people from two nations got to their feet, and walked from the room. Pandemonium broke out after their departure.

"Who were those people who just walked out?" I asked the Lord.

"The Americans and the Israelis," the Lord replied.

Once again, the dragon opened one of its eyes and surveyed this scene that was taking place. The dragon appeared to give a small smile of satisfaction. The dragon stirred slightly, and almost without appearing to do so, moved itself in a soft slithering motion into the large meeting room. It then curled itself back up, shut its eye, and once again appeared to fall back asleep. Yet from its very stillness, I once again sensed very strongly that the dragon was indeed awake and aware. I experienced a very sinister feeling in regard to this dragon.

The large group disbursed after a time of more heated debates and discussions. After the large meeting broke up, the small group of men and women who had met secretly and privately, met with each other once again. A few of them then met with a new set of people. After a time of talking, they all nodded, shook hands, and left. While these other meetings were transpiring, the dragon stirred once again and stared through one opened eye at these people. After the people left, the golden dragon slithered softly and silently from the scene.

"Who are these people who keep meeting secretly?" I asked the Lord.

"They are the leaders of certain nations," the Lord replied. "They have their own agenda. Their agenda is quite different from what was taking place in the larger meeting. What they speak with their lips, and what is actually in their mind to do, are quite different."

As I continued to gaze down at the earth, I began to see what appeared to be veins and tunnels running through certain sections of the earth. I was puzzled and perplexed as to what these veins and tunnels represented.

"What are these veins and tunnels?" I asked the Lord.

"They are secret entrances into certain cities and countries," the Lord replied. "What you are observing is a very detailed network of undercover agents and operatives. Much planning has gone into this network. Many nations are involved in this network. There is an even smaller number of nations who have an even more secret and sinister agenda than this present network. This smaller group of nations is using what is being made available to them to further their agenda, but they have already made plans to one day dispose of those they are presently using. This is a sinister plot of tremendous evil in high places."

A chill spread through my body at the Lord's words.

I then saw as small groups of darkly cloaked people began to appear on the veins and tunnels I had just noticed. The people and the veins and tunnels appeared to be highly organized.

"Who are these people?" I asked the Lord.

"Mercenaries," the Lord replied. "They are the puppets of the smaller groups of people who met in secret that you observed previously."

I then saw the golden dragon in the heavens where I was. We appeared to be in the outer space region around the earth, for I saw the moon and stars, and the sky was very dark. The golden dragon was breaking up and hurling a large object from the sky. This large object looked like some sort of a giant satellite.

"What is this large object?" I asked the Lord.

"It was a defense mechanism your country was setting in place," the Lord replied. "Making it inoperable was one of the items that was discussed by the small group of people you observed."

The dragon then flew swiftly and silently through the dark sky and landed in a country I saw was the country of China. The dragon then met with groups of people from its own nation. After their meetings were finished, I saw as other people from other nations joined them, and new discussions began. I was extremely perturbed and puzzled as I saw these meetings transpiring.

"What is happening here?" I asked the Lord.

"The fate of your country, as well as other countries, is being discussed," the Lord replied. "There is an agenda. There is a plan. These people you are observing operate on many different levels, but each of them has their own agenda."

After the groups of people left China, there were more meetings with groups of Chinese people. The dragon was now fully awake.

When the meetings were over, I watched as the dragon silently slithered from the meeting room. When it was outside, I saw as the golden dragon flew into the sky, gave a tremendous roar, opened wide its mouth, and began to devour and swallow whole nations. To my amazement, most of the people of these nations appeared totally oblivious to the fact that they were being swallowed and devoured.

"What is this?" I asked the Lord. "What's happening here?"

"This is China's secret and hidden agenda," the Lord replied. "The dragon will use whoever and whatever it can avail itself of to further its own agenda. It will work from within nations, seemingly as a harmless friend seeking to strengthen and promote political ties. Yet at the end, the dragon will seek to devour all in its path. It will turn on all who have secretly conspired with it. It will come up against your nation, and the nation of Israel also," the Lord continued. "These will be troublesome times."

"When, Lord?" I asked. "When will these things be?"

"It has already begun," the Lord replied. "He who has ears to hear, let him hear what My Spirit is speaking to My children. He who has eyes to see, let him see what is transpiring in the spiritual realm. Be alert. Be prepared. Be on guard. Be not deceived by any means."

For the first time became aware of an extremely large angel standing next to the Lord and I. This angel had a large, drawn sword in its hand. The sword was like a flame of fire.

"Who is this angel?" I asked the Lord, "and what is this flaming sword in his hand?"

"This is the destroying angel," the Lord replied, "and the sword of the Lord."

I then saw as groups of people began to cry out warnings to the world.

"Who are these people?" I asked the Lord.

"My messengers and prophets," the Lord replied.

I heard as one group of messengers and prophets shouted one thing, and other groups of messengers and prophets shouted something that seemed totally contrary to what the other group had just spoken. I was becoming more and more confused.

"Why does it seem so many of the messengers and prophets are speaking contrary words?" I asked the Lord. "Which group have You truly spoken to?"

"I have and I am speaking to both groups of messengers and prophets," the Lord replied.

I then saw as what appeared to be a thick blanket of mist was dropped over the messengers and prophets. I could somehow see through the blanket of mist, though. The messengers and prophets appeared to be quite agitated and very unsure of what was happening to them. A large hand appeared and began to drive the messengers and prophets into dens and caves.

"What is this?" I asked the Lord. "What's happening to the messengers and prophets?"

"I am calling them into the caves," the Lord replied. "They are filled with self-doubt and are beginning to wonder if I have truly spoken to them. I will nourish them in the caves with My words during their season of darkness. During this time, they will shed all their self-sufficiency, and learn to lean totally and completely upon Me. They will hear no other voice for a season besides My voice. When they come forth from the dens and caves where they are being driven and hidden, they will come forth speaking only what they have heard and what they hear My Spirit speaking unto them. This is a time when I will be teaching them to fully discern My voice from all other voices."

The Lord and I were still up in the heavens, looking down to the earth, observing all that was transpiring upon the earth. The dragon was still devouring whole nations and peoples. The destroying angel with the drawn, flaming sword still stood next to the Lord and I.

I then saw as the messengers and prophets who had been driven and hidden in the dens and caves came crawling and stumbling out of the dens and caves. They appeared completely broken both physically and from within. I then saw as angels came to the messengers and prophets and began to feed, nourish and minister unto them.

When the messengers and prophets began to regain their strength, I saw as walls appeared in the distance. The messengers and prophets saw the walls, and began to run swiftly towards these walls. When they reached the walls, they climbed quickly to the tops of the walls and began to cry out loud warnings and instructions to the people gathered around the walls. Some of the people listened to the words of the messengers and prophets; others did not listen.

"What is this?" I asked the Lord.

"I have set these messengers and prophets as watchmen," the Lord replied. "They will not hold their peace day nor night. They will continually lift up their voices. They will spare none of the words I speak to them. All I tell them, they will declare."

I then heard a loud roar. I turned and saw the golden dragon flying towards the messengers and prophets. The dragon was enraged. When the dragon reached the messengers and prophets who remained standing steadfastly upon the walls, the dragon began to devour them.

The Lord lifted up His right hand. I then saw the destroying angel with the flaming sword shoot down as a lightning bolt towards the dragon. The dragon saw the angel approaching, and curled itself up amongst the people and nations it had been devouring. The dragon opened its mouth, and the people and nations it had swallowed and devoured came streaming forth from its mouth. They were armed for battle. They began battling the messengers and prophets on the walls. The destroying angel with the flaming sword also began to do battle, and attacked both the dragon and the warriors who had come from the dragon's mouth.

I saw as nation after nation was conquered, the people bound and enslaved. Many of these bound and enslaved people and nations, were then armed by the dragon and they also became warriors for the dragon.

I then saw two nations and two groups of people who had not been devoured. The dragon was now completely covering with its body all the other nations. These two last nations and groups of people had been under attack, though, and I saw many scenes of bloody devastation within these nations. I saw bands of angels surrounding these two remaining nations and groups of people. The dragon and its warriors could not penetrate past these angels.

"Why are these the only two remaining nations and peoples?" I asked the Lord.

"It is only My word, My presence, which is protecting them," the Lord replied. "The final battle will be between Myself and the dragon."

"When, Lord?" I asked.

"When it is the set time," the Lord replied. "All things are being set in place. Many leaders are unknowingly being manipulated by those who have their own agenda. Many leaders are under plans to be slain. Their predecessors are already in place, with their agendas set in order.

"Those who hear My voice, and seek after Me, will not be dismayed or deceived by these things. Their eyes will see clearly; their ears will hear clearly, what is occurring in spiritual realms. I have allowed a small time of grace and mercy while the prayers and cries of many are lifted up to Me. Yet I am seeking not only the cries and the prayers of people. I am seeking their consecration. I will establish My covenant with those of a heart which is perfect towards Me. I will be their God, and they will be My people.

"The conspiracies are agreed upon, and are in place," the Lord said. "But My children, fear none of these things. You will be betrayed, yet fear not, for I am with you and will not leave you defenseless. I have given My children weapons to war with: prayer, supplications, fastings, consecration. I will bring the counsel of the wicked against you to naught. Advance My Kingdom while it is still day. The night is coming. Thick and gross darkness will cover the land. My word will be precious. My children will not be a prey. I will be their bulwark and their defense. Trust in Me, My children, and fear none of these things which will shortly come to pass."

Posted 10/11/01

Vision of China's Revival and Battle - Jan. 25th, 2000; Tuesday

This is a vision I had almost two years ago. I had just gotten a computer for a Christmas present from my husband, and hadn't been on-long much more than a month. Many people have been writing to me asking me to re-send them this vision. May the Lord use it for His glory.

I have had a burden for the nation of China, which has grown since the beginning of this year. As I was praying for this nation this morning, this is what I saw in my mind:

I was out way above the earth, in the heavens, looking down upon the earth. My attention was drawn to a very dark spot on the earth. The Lord was with me.

"What is that dark spot?" I asked the Lord.

"That is the nation of China," the Lord replied. "Come and see."

The Lord and I seemed to draw closer to this dark spot on the earth that the Lord had told me was China. I saw as if it were prison bars completely surrounding the entire nation. The nation was in almost total darkness, and even the small, faint light that there was was dim and gloomy looking.

There were people from within China pressed up against the prison bars surrounding their country. They were very thin, were in rags, their clothes tattered and filthy. They appeared as if they had been physically beaten. They had blindfolds over their eyes. They were reaching through the bars they were pressed up against, and they were weeping and crying out, "Come to us!!! Come to us and feed us!!! We are so very hungry. Come to us!!!" Over and over again they cried these things out.

"I have surely heard their prayers and their cries," the Lord said to me. "Behold !!"

The Lord stretched out one of His arms towards the heavens. I looked and saw the sun rising. It was a tremendous, glorious sunrise. The sun was as if it were on fire. The higher the sun came into the sky, the fiercer it burned. It began to permeate the nation of China. The rays of the sun were as flames of fire, and reached down right into the heart of China.

When the sun's rays hit the ground in China, the rays became as flames of fire spreading over the whole ground and nation. The blindfolds on the people's eyes were burned off. The flames entered into their mouths, and they began to "grow fat" before my eyes. They began to sing and shout and dance and rejoice. It was as if the entire nation caught fire and was fully and totally illuminated by the sun, which was now high in the sky directly over China.

"Behold, it comes," the Lord said. His voice was filled with tremendous sadness.

I felt a sense of impending doom and began to glance uneasily around me. Then, I felt a chill. The chill began to creep across the nation of China. Some of the Chinese people began to feel this chill also.

"Work harder!! Work harder! " they cried out to the people around them. "The night is coming. Work while it is yet day and while the glory of the Lord continues to shine upon us."

"It is come," the Lord said.

I felt tremendous fear enter into my heart. Then, a darkness began to creep across the flaming sun. I glanced up at the sun. It was like an eclipse was taking place. But when I looked closer, I saw that it was a small red dragon that was creeping across the sun. The further across the sun the red dragon crept and covered, the larger the dragon grew. And the darker and dimmer the light of the sun became.

The Chinese people were beginning to glance around fearfully and to cry out in terror. "What is it?" they cried out. "What is happening?"

The red dragon began to roar. When the Chinese people heard the roars of the dragon, they fell on their faces to the ground, with their hands over their heads and ears. I heard their cries of fear and terror, and felt so much fear and helplessness myself as I saw this transpiring.

"They come," the Lord said.

When I looked at Him, I became aware that He was weeping over China.

I looked back up into the heavens. I saw a large group of smaller dragons forming behind the red dragon. They all began to roar, and to grow larger. Then, with a mighty roar, the red dragon and the dragons following behind him, descended as a lightning bolt into the very heart of China. They brought with them a thick darkness that could be felt.

I could see nothing. I felt the Lord put His hands over my eyes. When I opened my eyes back up, I could see into the darkness of China to what was beginning to transpire.

The red dragon had a very long tail. With its tail, it had completely covered China. The smaller dragons were beginning to enter into people. When they entered into people, the people would rise up, stand up very tall and straight, with their eyes staring straight ahead. A sword was given unto them, and they began to form in line after line after line, one behind the other; forming a tremendous army.

The red dragon continued to roar. Then, when the army of people was formed, the red dragon positioned himself at the head of the army of people. They all faced forward and began to move. As the red dragon, the other dragons, and the vast army of Chinese people began to move, everything that came across its path, was devoured.

The red dragon continued to grow larger and larger as it devoured all before it. The smaller dragons and the vast army of Chinese people continued to march. I could hear the sound of their boots as they marched, and it was as thunder. The red dragon, the smaller dragons, and the army of Chinese people marched across the face of the earth; devouring whole nations and peoples as they went.

The Chinese army kept its face staring steadfastly straight ahead, never looking to the right or to the left. I saw the red dragon, the smaller dragons, and the Chinese army approaching a sparkling city. This city appeared to be of gold, and had like a gauzy veil over it.

"What city is this?" I asked the Lord.

"This is Jerusalem," the Lord replied. "My Bride."

The red dragon, the smaller dragons, and the Chinese army gave one loud roar, and began to run towards the city the Lord had told me was Jerusalem. The Chinese army had their swords pointed straight ahead. They never seemed to blink. They acted almost like they were robots or zombies.

When the red dragon, the smaller dragons, and the Chinese army roared and charged and advanced on Jerusalem, I heard a shout from next to me. I glanced to my right, and saw the Lord. His face was filled with fierce anger. Then, the Lord was gone.

I began to glance around, looking to see where the Lord had gone. I heard a shout coming from above my head. I glanced up, and saw the sky above me splitting wide open. I saw a large hole forming in the heavens above me, and such intense light began to pour forth from this hole, that I was knocked down by its brilliance. I felt as if I had been blinded by this light, but when I looked back up, I could still see.

I saw a white horse erupt through the hole that had split in the heavens above my head. The Lord was on this white horse's back. The Lord had a flaming sword in His hand, and a shield of pure glittering gold in His other hand. He had a crown of gold upon His head, and was dressed all in white.

Then, the Lord and His horse was through the hole in the heavens, and army after army came charging out of the hole behind the Lord. This heavenly army was also all dressed in white, and also had flaming swords and shields of gold. They were also seated on white horses. These were the largest, most magnificent horses I had ever seen. The heavenly army went charging after the Lord, and gathered themselves over the city of Jerusalem.

The red dragon, the smaller dragons, and the Chinese army continued to run towards Jerusalem. They continued to roar. The Lord and His armies gave a shout, then they charged at the red dragon, the smaller dragons, and the Chinese army. A terrible battle began.

I could hear thunders, see lightnings, hear the shouts and roars and cries of both armies ~~ the Lord's armies, and the red dragon and his Chinese army. The earth was shaking and quaking and being torn open. Buildings were falling and toppling from within Jerusalem. I heard screams and shouts from the people from within the city of Jerusalem.

Then, I heard a deafening blast, such as a dynamite blast, only much much greater. Then, there was a tremendous silence.

I heard no more shouts, no more roars, no more screams or cries. All was silent and quiet. When I tried to look around to see what had happened. It was as if I could see nothing. There was a very very thick dark cloud covering the whole scene of this battle.

Then, I heard another shout, and I knew it was the lord. I glanced up, for the shout had come from up above me. I saw a city coming down from the heavens, but it was also a bride.

As she descended from the heavens, the Lord gave another shout. I glanced around, then located the Lord on His horse on a mountain. His armies were gathered around Him at the base of the mountain. When the Lord shouted the second time, His armies began to shout also, and it was the shout of victory. The city bride continued to descend from the heavens.

Then, the vision ended.

In Him,

~~ Hollie L. Moody