Thomas Gibson – War Prophecies

2001 09 13.1

After getting over the initial shock on Tuesday I had begun to question the Lord about the terrorist attack on the USA. To my knowledge no prophet, including me, had prophesied about this specific event. I wanted to know how this fits into the prophetic picture.

Early on the morning of September 13, about 2:00 a.m., God woke me out of my sleep and began to reveal to me a link between an event and prophecy that occurred years ago. During this revelation in my spirit I had this feeling of dread on me. I believe this was the dread referred to in the prophecy. The revelation in my spirit went on for over an hour as God continually emphasized the facts over and over. I had forgotten about this particular prophecy until the Lord reminded me of it that night. Below is the prophecy that God referred too.


1999 01 09.1

The great dread against the United States came in December of 1998 when they invaded Iraqi airspace to bomb Iraqi targets. That dread upon the United States shall not leave until the United States has suffered a severe blow-- more than once, says the Lord. The Lord revealed to me in this time that if the USA had not attacked Iraq in December of 1998 this event would not have taken place. It was mainly that attack that the terrorist's used to justify their actions. The Lord made it clear to me that He was not saying that Iraq was behind this; nor was the Lord saying that they were not. He was not revealing to me who was behind it, but that the attack by the US spurred on the terrorists to take the action that they did. The Lord showed me that the US attack on that day (in Dec. 1998) set in motion a series of events of which this is the first major occurrence. Many other occurrences will occur, and all of this will lead to extreme trouble for the United States of America.


2001 11 04.3

In Dec. of '98 when I gave you that prophecy concerning the fact that the United States entered Iraq without My blessing, I stated there will be repercussions that would eventually lead to a great war. [Several prophecies in Dec. '98 and two later that refer to Dec. '98 give what the Lord noted to above: 1998 12 17.1; 1998 12 23.1; 1998 12 23.3; 1998 12 24.1; 1999 01 08.1; 1999 01 09.1; these prophecies are available on my web page] They have now, again, followed those repercussions to the place where they cannot escape save I intervene to allow them to escape. This would only happen upon their repentance. The nation has not repented and so it shall go forth. They shall fight in Afghanistan. And they shall have a difficult time. And every time that they think they have made progress they will find a huge price for that progress. Terrorism will not stop. I will allow it to continue, says the Lord. Every step they make will cost them dearly. And if they do not step, it will cost them dearly anyway. For terrorism will still move forward. They have stepped into a sin in which repentance is the only way out, and things will get steadily worse. My hand will see that it happens. Save that they repent, they are in serious trouble and heading for worse. So says the Lord.


2001 11 04.4

There will be many more attacks on the United States, some from above, some from the ground; but they shall continue, says the Lord.


2001 12 06.1

This word of the Lord comes as a result of the nation of America and its attempts to get back with Me. For they have used My Name, says the Lord, but their heart is not toward Me. They have gone to church, but they love their money. They have sought everything but truth. The nation of America wallows in sin. The nation of America seeks its own way.

The nation America continues its evil: for it murders the unborn child, it loves money, it loves its power, and it gives the credit for all its power to themselves.

Where did I come from, saith the Lord? Did not I raise the nation? Did not I raise it up? For they have loved their love and their love was the love of the earth, the love of satan, the love of evil. They have sought the sins of the earth and I will judge them. This is not a time to sit back and say the terrorists have gone. This is the time to stand up for the terrorists are here, standing at the door!!

Stand and beware America shall be judged. Had they repented, truly I would turn and deliver them. But less than one in a thousand of those who use the name christian are truly serving Me, saith the Lord, less than one in a thousand. So many play religious games. So many call themselves Christian.

So many seek to play a game. But I look on the heart, saith the Lord. I look to see whom they are dedicated too: to the god of this earth which is satan, or to the God of heaven which is Me. Listen, saith the Lord, I will bring America to its knees. It will take several years, but it will happen; save they repent and turn I will bring it to its knees.

America has sought evil. America has sought evil over and over and over. They produce more sin than any other nation. They have not only murdered the unborn child, they have taken My Name out of schools, they don't give Me the credit for raising them up, they are slowly turning away from My nation Israel, and they are producing pornography at an incredible rate--and they call themselves a Christian nation. THERE IS NOTHING CHRISTIAN ABOUT IT!! They are evil through and through! And I will deal with them as I have always dealt with nations of evil! So says the Lord!


2002 08 18.1

As I was praying the Lord showed me the following in my spirit. I could see President Bush from his left side sitting at a desk or table. He was saying, "We must get Saddam Hussein, we must get Saddam Hussein." (He said it twice). As I watched he signed some type of paper. But he signed it with his left hand from the right to the left-just as the Arabic language is written. He signed this twice. I could not tell if he was signing two papers one above the other, or twice on the same page. Then the Lord gave me this word. Thus says the Lord, these two statements by Bush, plus the two signatures, indicate each two agreements with Arabic nations. These two agreements are compromises by Bush in order to get permission to go into Iraq. When he signs them, says the Lord, this will create ruffled feathers both in America and in Arabic areas as they find out what is agreed too; which will not be done until some time later.


2002 08 24.1

The first agreement [see 2002 08 18.1] the American President will make with the Arabic nations is to strongly support a Palestine state in the West Bank. The second agreement will be their right to the capital of Jerusalem. The U.S. President will then backtrack on these two agreements creating trouble on both sides--first to the right wing American politics, and then to the Arabic states.


2002 10 23.1

While I was in prayer I could see in my spirit President Bush as I had seen him earlier [see 2002 08 18.1]. I watched him signed again. But this time it continued and I saw him lean back in his chair and say, "I will do anything to get into Iraq." Then the Lord gave me this word: For thus saith the Lord. What you have seen is right. He has said it, and he has meant it.


2002 11 1.1

For thus says the Lord. America is due judgment. My hook is in Bush's nose to pull him into war with Iraq. And when he goes to war, America will be judged in a great way. For thus says the Lord. America, America why have you forsaken Me?


2003 01 19.1

Thus saith the Lord, I am that I am. The I Am has stated that judgments shall come. But when I delay such wrath do not think it shall not occur. I have mercy and I delay My wrath on the U.S. in order that they might repent, but they have not. After 9/11 much prayer was made, but not to repentance, but rather to protection. Have they not understood that with repentance goes My protection? I have given them much time to turn from their sins, but they have not. Instead they now go on toward their destruction.


2003 01 30.1

In my spirit I could see Saddam Hussein. As I looked at him I could see his heart come up before me. In it I could see an image of Hussein saying, "I am god." He said it several times.


2003 03 28.1

As America's invasion of Iraq in the '98 bombing brought about September 11 [see prophecies 2001 09 13.1 and 2002 11 1.1], so too will this invasion into Iraqi soil bring terrorism on American soil. I have purposed in My heart that America shall be judged--and so it shall.


2003 06 1.1

Thus says the Lord. Those wicked men and women who will create a statehood for Palestinians will be judged along with those nations who support it.

Also, says the Lord, I will defend My Nation Israel from the evil of this new state. When it is here, and created by men and satan, you will see that I have used it to bring My people to their knees in repentance and recognition of the Saviour and Messiah.

Then I will judge that state of Palestine and remove it. So says the Lord.


2003 06 3.1

A spirit of anti-semitism will rise in the U.S. beginning right now.


2003 06 3.2

In the days to come it will be up to the church to stand for Israel. It is those true Christians that will stand and defend Jews against their enemy. In the days to come it will be those true Christians that defend My people. Those who do not defend them are not of Me, saith the Lord. So it is that it will be easy to see who is of Me and who is not.


2003 06 07.1

There is a movement in the spiritual realm to bring strong discrimination against the Jews in America. This movement of satan will be strong, not only in the world but also in the church. Those who have stood on the spiritual line, trying to be a "Christian" when their heart is far from it, will be revealed. Go look in the churches in the months to come and see if those who call themselves Christian can stand up and defend My people, the Jews. If they can stand up and defend them, then they are indeed of Me; but if not, then they are false and are of the world.