America's Judgment

June 19th, 2001
by Hollie L. Moody

I experienced the following vision ~~

There was a tremendous mob of people. They were milling around. The noise was incredible. For some reason, I sensed that all these people were claiming to be Christians.

I heard some of the people preaching and prophesying. Whenever someone began to preach and / or prophesy, crowds of people would run over to this person and gather around them. Then, another person would begin to preach and / or prophesy, and large crowds of people would then run over to that other person to listen to them.

Soon, there was a tremendous confusion of sermons and words from the Lord being shouted out to the crowds of people. The whole scene was one of absolute chaos and confusion.

But suddenly, I heard a small whisper. Some of the other people appeared to hear the small whisper also. We began to follow the sound of this small whisper to its source. The source was the Lord.

He was standing out in a desert, wilderness scene. A small group of people were standing quietly and solemnly around the Lord. In contrast with the mob of people I had just left, this group of people was extremely quiet and silent. They were very intense and totally focused upon the Lord. They were looking off in the distance, as if waiting for more to join them.

I watched as the Lord began to hand out small, rolled-up scrolls to each person. As each person received a scroll, they would stand to the right of the Lord. Soon, each person had received a scroll.

"What is this scroll, Lord?" someone asked.

"It is a message from Me," the Lord replied. "I have given to those of My children who have heard My still, small voice a message to deliver. They each have their orders from Me, and know exactly who to take the message to, and what the message is. They are to go only to who I send them to, and speak only what I have told them to speak."

Immediately after I experienced this vision, the Lord instructed me to go and take a nap; that He was going to speak to me in a dream.

The Lord telling me He is going to speak to me in a dream has never happened to me before, so I tried this voice to see if it was really from the Lord or not. I went to take my nap, and before I fell asleep, the Lord spoke the following to me. He said ~~

"I will be speaking to you in visions and dreams, and you will not understand them. I will instruct you who to speak of them to. These people will know what to do with them, and what they mean. This is a time of many voices clamoring to be heard. Pay close attention to whose voice you do and do not listen to. Take heed to your soul."

I then fell asleep and had the following dream ~~

I was in a room. The walls of this room were covered with pictures of babies being born. I was going from picture to picture, studying each one. Each stage of labor was represented.

This was the whole dream. Upon awakening, I was extremely puzzled and perplexed by this dream.

The next day, I experienced another vision. This was a horrific vision to me, and I've held it inside for another day because of how truly horrible and frightening it was to me.

I saw an angel with a large scale step out of the portals of heaven. This was one of those old-fashioned type scale that has like a small bowl on each side. As one side is weighted, the other side goes up and vice versus.

This angel began to place weights upon first one side of the scale, then the other. When both sides were equally weighted, a voice called out, "Hold!" (I somehow knew this voice belonged to the Lord.)

There was a very intense waiting silence after this command was called out.

I then realized that I was way up in the heaves, looking down on the earth. My attention became directed and centered upon the United States. I saw like a shield in place around America. Angels were on the inside of the shield, bracing themselves against it.

I then saw hordes of demons on the other side of this shield, pushing frantically and furiously against their side of the shield. They were howling angrily. It terrified me.

I saw those with the small rolled-up scrolls running with their message from the Lord. They were weeping and wailing as they ran, and also as they delivered their message. After they delivered their message, they would fall flat on their faces and continue to wail and lament.

Many who were the recipients of these messages also fell flat on their faces after they received and read the message. I heard their cries of repentance echoing throughout America. (The dream about the babies being born came back to my mind at this point. What I was seeing in this portion of the vision made me think of a birthing of revival brought about through tears of repentance and godly sorrow.)

Others who received the message, threw it away in disgust and disdain after having read it.

My attention then became focused upon Washington, DC. (I was still way up in the heavens in this vision, looking down upon this scene.)

Something was transpiring within the White House. I saw some sort of "waves" undulating out from within the White House. These waves had some sort of far-reaching repercussions.

When these waves came forth from within the White House, I heard the angels who were still pushing against the demons on their side of the shield begin to wail and keen. When the demons saw the waves emanating from within the White House, they began to scream with victory.

The angel with the scale put one more weight upon one side of the scale. One side of the scale hit the ground.

When this occurred, the shield around America fell down, and the demons streamed into America, howling and in a frenzy.

I heard a voice proclaim, and once again, I knew it to be the Lord's voice ~~

"America! America! How oft I sent My prophets to you, and you scorned and ignored them. How oft I revealed Myself in majesty and power to you. You enjoyed the power and majesty, yet not the cost of following Me.

"Your ground is soaked with the blood of the innocents, and how shall I ignore or overlook this when it continues daily to occur? Your streets overflow with degradation. Many of your churches reek with hypocrisy, and My sheep have been driven away and have been left to wander alone; where they have become meat and prey for the wolves.

"Yet, I would wipe out these sins, and blot out their remembrance; if you had only returned unto Me with all your heart. I have stayed My judgment for a season. I will stay it no longer. You have been weighed, and have been found wanting. I have no pleasure in your judgment, America. Prepare to meet your Maker."

I then watched scene after scene of carnage and terror befall America. I just don't want or desire to go into detail about it. My heart was breaking as I witnessed all of this, and I was myself filled with horror and terror.

I went into the bedroom of each of my three precious, wonderful little children. Tears of fear fell down my cheeks as I gazed down at each one of my sleeping children, wondering in my heart what would befall them. If some of these scenes I witnessed actually do come to pass, I know that one of my children at least, would not survive. She has need of special medical supplies for insulin dependent diabetes. These supplies would be extremely limited to impossible to locate or receive if any of this vision actually occurs in her lifetime.

I don't have a time frame for any of this. If I am mocked or ridiculed for sharing this vision, I accept that. Once again, let me repeat, I pray this vision is false or does not occur. I will continue to pray and intercede for my country, and for a spirit of repentance to sweep across the shores of America. Yet, part of me feels that judgment will only be stayed if such a spirit of repentance does occur. The judgment is set. Too much has occurred within the borders of America for there to be no reaping of what has been sown for centuries.

I love America. I love my country. I love being an American. I love the American flag and our national anthem, "The Star Spangled Banner."

I will continue to pray for a spirit of repentance to come upon my nation.


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Jean Paul Halsberghe

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