Thomas Gibson – Israel


1995 03 11.1

This is the word of the Lord concerning the nation of Israel.

My nation Israel has not walked, in the past, totally before Me as it should, but it has now gone toward some of the things of My kingdom and has turned partially toward Me in its work. Therefore I have blessed it to some degree. However, I have not blessed it to the degree I have because of its work of the kingdom of God, but because of My commitment to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, to Moses, and others, who I have promised to bring the nation of Israel to total blessings.

I have looked upon My people with a complete wonder at their ways. They are committed to the things of this world, not to Me, or My kingdom! I have to fulfil My commitment to them made through their forefathers, but I would gladly have blessed them beyond anything that has been before in this earth since sin came into it. I would have blessed them beyond anything they could have spoken, I would have blessed them beyond anything they could have thought of. I am the blesser. I bless! I bless. I will bless them according to their faith and their commitment to Me, but I would have loved to have blessed them far beyond anything that is humanly possible!

Therefore I am justifying My blessing upon them by saying, "I am blessing them because of their forefathers and My promise to them," but I am also blessing them because they have partially turned toward Me. Until they make a more complete dedication toward Me this blessing will be minimal as I need to make to fulfil My previous promises!

But I tell you they will repent. They will repent. They will repent! I have spoken it. They will come back to me, saith the Lord, they will turn around and be blessed in the manner I have set for them, more than anything that has preceded before because of My commitment to bring them into the fold of the living God!

Now here is the word of God toward this nation of Israel that I have raised up in these last days. I have raised up this nation to be a sign of Me and My power in this earth.  While other nations can receive a significant blessing, the most of all blessings are reserved for My people, the Jews!

I will have them dedicated toward the things of the Lord. I will have them dedicated toward the things of God because I have made a plan, a plan that would not fail no matter how hard the devil would like to do so!

I am, at this time, being a blessing toward them in that I have left My people in this nation in such a way that they cannot survive without My help. The world is slowly turning against them and therefore they will have to rely on Me.

I have allowed anti-semitism to rise up in this world which in turn has driven My people back to their own nation! But they will have to rely on Me in this nation in order to survive there. And if they do, that is, if they will rely on Me and not on their own power, their own understanding, their own strength, then I will turn around and bring them multitudes of blessings they could not begin to imagine, no, not in any way.

Then, says the Lord, when I have their attention, their blessings, their multitude of blessings, I will have a nation that will proceed out of the mouth of God, a nation that will stand for the ways of God, a nation that will not turn aside after the worldly things that are a snare to those who follow them!

Then, says the Lord, I will turn much more attention of this world to them, that they, the world, will see and understand that I am a God of blessings, and not a God of poverty! However, the world, for the most part, will not look at their blessings and exceeding blessings with love and understanding of My ways, saith the Lord, but rather they will hate the blessings that these My people have, and persecute them in many ways.

So then, My people the nation of Israel, will have to turn to Me, and let Me, the Lord God of Israel, protect and preserve them against the attacks of their enemies.

So it will be, as we, the Lord and his people Israel, proceed on into the new coming era, that My nation will turn, to a large degree, toward the things of the Spirit, the things of the kingdom of God, and they will be blessed beyond all comprehension of mankind.


1996 09 25.1

Thus saith the Lord God of Israel. Some of you think because I made a promise to the fathers of Israel that I would not harm that nation! No, I say, no!

It is because of their sin that they have come into the harm that you see on the news, and much more than you see there! So they will suffer because of that sin as long as I am God; that is, forever and ever.


1997 03 30.2

In the days to come there will be a strong will of the people to say that christianity is the cause of all the trouble in the world today. They will lump together Jews and Christian for persecutions. Yes, in Canada and U.S. this will occur.

You will see a strong delusion in the church to turn against My people in Israel. So it will be that the churches will be deceived into thinking that they will do the will of God by turning against all Jews that they find to persecute. It will be so. It is so in many minds right now, but it will be so, sooner than you think, in the churches.

Already the error has begun to occur in a few places. But this will go on and expand. It shall be pushed by the world, because they will not persecute the churches against Israel. They will complement them on their shrewdness in their politics and in their political views.


2002 05 06.4

Those that stand against My nation Israel shall be judged––both nations and individuals.


2003 06 1.1

Thus says the Lord. Those wicked men and women who will create a statehood for Palestinians will be judged along with those nations who support it.

Also, says the Lord, I will defend My Nation Israel from the evil of this new state.

When it is here, and created by men and satan, you will see that I have used it to bring My people to their knees in repentance and recognition of the Saviour and Messiah. Then I will judge that state of Palestine and remove it. So says the Lord.


2003 06 3.1

A spirit of anti-semitism will rise in the U.S. beginning right now.


2003 06 3.2

In the days to come it will be up to the church to stand for Israel. It is those true christians that will stand and defend Jews against their enemy.

In the days to come it will be those true christians that defend My people. Those who do not defend them are not of Me, saith the Lord.

So it is that it will be easy to see who is of Me and who is not.


2003 06 07.1

There is a movement in the spiritual realm to bring strong discrimination against the Jews in America. This movement of satan will be strong, not only in the world but also in the church.

Those who have stood on the spiritual line, trying to be a “christian” when their heart is far from it, will be revealed. Go look in the churches in the months to come and see if those who call themselves christian can stand up and defend My people, the Jews. If they can stand up and defend them, then they are indeed of Me; but if not, then they are false and are of the world.