A Closing Door

(7 bowls)

October 6th, 2001 - Hollie L. Moody

I have been under a tremendous burden this week, but especially today. It has been building up and intensifying within me. The Lord has been showing me a door opened a crack, but slowly closing.

When I asked what this could mean, I felt the Lord replied that after the terrorist attacks on America on September 11th, He allowed a period of grace and mercy towards not only America, but also other nations who were also troubled and shaken by the tragedy which occurred on our shores. Now, the door I saw in this mini-vision was closing, and was almost totally closed.

In the vision, I cried out to the Lord to keep the door open just a little longer. I tried to reach into the space between the closing door to keep it from closing completely. I was weeping and crying, pleading for a little more time.

"I granted a little more time," the Lord replied. "I heard the cries and saw the tears of many after your country was attacked. I then waited for the cries and tears to turn to true and lasting repentance. While many truly repented, there were so many of My children who remained unmoved. And they remained unchanged.

"My eyes continued to behold My sheep being wounded in My house. My eyes saw into the recesses of the hearts of many of My children, and I beheld the secret sins still unrepented of. My people remain unmoved and unrepentant. A time of Tuesdays is coming upon My people, and upon the world," the Lord decreed to me.

I then experienced a vision. In this vision, I was looking up into the heavens. I saw a door open in the heavens, and a small group of seven very large angels began to step through this door one at a time. They each held what appeared to be a bowl in their hands. After all the angels stepped through the door, the door closed.

The first angel began to pour out his bowl. The contents began to fall towards the earth. Darkness fell out of the first bowl. I saw as this darkness fell first on churches and on the saints of God, then fell on the rest of the world and the world's peoples. There seemed to be a weight to this darkness. For when the darkness fell upon people, they began to stumble and fall.

"People chose darkness over the light of My salvation," the Lord intoned. "Now they shall have the darkness of damnation."

The second angel began to pour out his bowl upon the earth. The second bowl contained blood. As the blood covered the earth, I saw wars and violence erupting.

"The blood I shed on Calvary was ignored and trodden under foot," the Lord intoned. "Now the blood of many shall be shed."

The third angel began to pour out his bowl into the heavens (outer space). I saw explosions in the heavens. Debris from the explosions began to fall to the earth, burning as it fell.

"Man said he would ascend into heaven," the Lord intoned. "The pride of man will be abased."

The fourth angel began to pour out his bowl upon the earth. Fire was contained in this bowl. As the fire fell to the earth, it ignited numerous other fires. I soon saw as sections and portions of the entire earth appeared to be burning.

"Many have chosen the fires of hell over the fires of purging and repentance," the Lord intoned. "Now they shall begin to feel the heat from the fires of hell."

The fifth angel began to pour out his bowl over the earth. His bowl contained idols and images. As the idols and images fell to the earth, they struck people, wounding and injuring them.

"Just as many chose to place other things and other gods before and above Me," the Lord intoned, "even now shall those things fall upon them to their wounding and destruction."

The sixth angel began to pour out his bowl over the earth. His bowl was filled with the wind. As the wind fell upon the earth, it began to blow fiercely. I watched and saw as the wind blew upon everything in its path, destroying almost everything before it.

"The wind of My Spirit was stifled in the hearts of many," the Lord intoned. "Now will the wind blow unfettered, and will blow away all that offends."

The seventh angel began to pour out his bowl over the earth. To my eyes, the bowl appeared empty. After this bowl was emptied over the earth, a very intense silence fell.

"My ears were attuned to the prayers of My children," the Lord intoned. "I heard the clamoring of many voices which confused many. I also heard the silence of unoffered prayers. Now when they call to Me, I will not answer."

After the seven angels had finished pouring out their bowls upon the earth, the Lord called the first angel over to us.

"The darkness contained in this bowl is twofold," the Lord explained to me. "Not only is it a darkness coming upon all the world to engulf it, it is also a spiritual attack being unleashed at this present time against My people, but especially against My prophets. The enemy is seeking to confuse and silence the voice of My prophets. He is bringing a weight of condemnation, self-doubt and depression upon them. I am hiding My prophets in places of safety and refuge to strengthen and minister to them."

The Lord then called the second angel over to us. "The blood contained in this bowl represents My blood which I shed for the remission of sins," the Lord said. "Those of My people who are My servants indeed, have been applying My blood to their hearts. They have been examining themselves, and have been entering into a new covenant with Me. My blood will be over them during this time of tremendous blood shed which will come upon all the earth."

The Lord then called the third angel over to us. "Man's pride has lifted him up," the Lord said to me. "There will be wars in the heavens. These wars will be both physical and spiritual in nature. Many of My children are already feeling the heat of this battle spiritually."

The Lord then called the fourth angel over to us. "Fire purges as well as destroys," the Lord said to me. "My children are feeling the fire of purging within their hearts. This is an extremely intense time for My people. It is a time of self-examination;a time of rededicating themselves unto Me. My fire is burning all from within My children that would pollute them. Those who do not submit themselves to Me, will feel this fire as a destroying fire."

The Lord then called the fifth angel over to us. "The idols and images contained within this bowl represents a battle between Myself and false gods and false religions," the Lord said to me. "Every religion, every denomination, is being shaken at this time. Only what is of Me, and what is built upon Me, shall endure. The battles fought in the physical realm will be between false gods and the One True God. The issue central to this war will be Truth versus deception."

The Lord then called the sixth angel over to us. "The wind contained in this bowl represents My Spirit," the Lord said to me. "My Spirit is already blowing fiercely upon all who profess to be My children. Those who are not My children, will be blown away and destroyed by the fierceness of My Spirit touching upon them. Those who are truly My children are also feeling My Spirit blowing upon them. This is also a difficult time for them; for all that is within them that is offensive to truth, is being blown violently from out of them."

The Lord then called the seventh angel over to us. "The silence contained within this bowl," the Lord said to me, "represents a silencing by Me over those who have confused many by their words.

"Many of My children are feeling My hand heavy upon them, and have hushed themselves. They are waiting to hear only My voice speaking to them.

"Those who have claimed to hear My words, and have uttered their own thoughts and ideas which have confused many, will be put to silence and shame before Me. For with their words, they turned away the feet of those who were on the road to repentance.

"My people have been as the church of Ephesus. They have left their first love of Me. My people have been as the church of Pergamos. They have fornicated themselves with false doctrine. My people have been as the church of Thyatira. They have allowed false prophets to speak My words unto them. My people have been as the church of Sardis. They are spiritually dead, and dying. My people have been as the church of Laodicea. They are complacent.

"Those of My children who are My children indeed, shall be as the churches of Smyrna and Philadelphia. They will suffer persecution and trials, even unto death, while I am purging and refining My rebellious children.

"My will and My plan is to prosper My people," the Lord said to me. "Not with finances or possessions, but with the knowledge of Me would I prosper them. To accomplish this, all that is not of Me I must needs remove.

"This is a troublesome time. I am shaking mightily all things and all people. He that endures to the end, the same shall be saved."

I then saw vast numbers of people stooping down to the ground and picking items up from the ground. With their arms full of bits and pieces of what they had picked up, the people came to the Lord. They put the items in their arms on the Lord and began to build something with these items. I watched and beheld as a beautiful building began to emerge.

"I am the foundation upon which all other things must be built," the Lord said. "My people are broken. When they bring the broken pieces of their hearts and lives to Me, and begin to build upon Me, I will put the brokenness back together and raise up a glorious and victorious Church. My Church shall stand triumphant when it is built upon Me. I will have a people called by My Name. I will have a Church."