Simple Basics – 2008 series

Elul                                                                                          - 9/2008 - Article

Simple Basics                                                                       - 9/2008 - Article

I Wonder What The Most Holy Spirit Said To Anyone… - 9/2008 - Article

Being “Frikkin Clueless” In Your Rhema...                       - 9/2008 - Article

Lacking The Appropriate Credentials....                          - 9/2008 - Article

If You Think About It....                                                       - 9/2008 - Article

Keeping It Simple Still                                                         - 9/2008 - Article




Bob Neumann, September 1, 2008/1

For the last year I have been told by THE MOST HOLY SPIRIT I have stopped mentioning ABBA'S Calendar. I have not spoken about Purim, but I have mentioned THE LILY, HIS PURE AND SPOTLESS BRIDE. I purposely did not address any of the FEASTS. But just a few minutes ago I was told that the sun had set over YERUSHALAYIM and ELUL 1st had begun. So for the next 30 days we are to “TESHUVAH”.

To most modern adherents to the AMERIKANSKI brand of CHURCHIANITY... none of this means anything at all. For these people please understand that “ignorance is bliss” indeed, and I would not want to disturb their present state. WHY, YOU MIGHT ASK? Because THE MOST HOLY SPIRIT said to “LET THEM BE”. I will let everyone decide for themselves what that MEANS.

So to HIS SHEEP out there let me remind you that you have 30 days to REEVALUATE your lives and your relationship with THE GOD OF MESSIAH. The ONE who so loved the world that HE SENT....

Sure all of you “know” John 3:16... how have you lived it?

30 days has September....” which means 30 DAYS FROM NOW is TISHRI 1. Call it October First... I don't care you prefer to still look at things from a PAGAN point of reference... but you all should know better. Tishri 1 is YOM TERUAH... YOM HADIN... ROSH Ha SHANNAH and it begins THE DAYS OF AWE....

KOL NIDRE begins at SUNSET on the 8th over JERUSALEM...And we have YOM YIPPUR.

Funny thing even THE WEB BOT PROJECT has sniffed out that events will be beginning in OCTOBER around the 7-8-9th. It seems the SONS OF ISSACAR are mostly computer hackers and their software. Where are the vaunted LATTER RAINERS and THE SONS OF GOD types? Trying to line up speaking engagements on their 3 year planners.

Where are the END TIME APOSTATE CHURCH ATTACKERS?.... doing the same.

So what do the poor sheep do? Well take it from this OLDDOG... you better be listening to someone who really hears THE VOICE OF THE SHEPHERD.

Is there time to run?

Is there a place to run to?

What do I get to survive?

All good questions.... but have you asked ABBA about it?


Why just good old AMERIKA?

I thought THE SON OF GOD alone, THE LAMB, will judge the WHOLE WORLD...

A whole lots of someone are in for a shock it seems...


Bob Neumann




Simple Basics

Bob Neumann, September 1, 2008/2

Last night I had a weird dream that ended with THE MOST HOLY SPIRIT telling me to tell all of you the real date. This I have done.

But the greater part was a sort of refresher course on SIMPLE SURVIVAL.

Many, many years ago a man named Abraham Maslow created an interesting little pyramid. If you got through high school biology you may have ran into it. If you took any college psych courses it ran into you. If you look him up on Wikipedia it will tell you “Abraham Harold Maslow (April 1, 1908 – June 8, 1970) was an American psychologist. He is noted for his conceptualization of a “hierarchy of human needs”, and is considered the father of humanistic psychology.

Everyone see that “humanistic” part? Okay, ignore it. All I am dealing with the bottom of the pyramid.... breathing, shelter, water, food, excreation, homeostasis, sex...

First is REAL SIMPLE... you do not BREATH you are dead. No Air/OXYGEN... SIX MINUTES and your brain is mush.

Second is SHELTER. No protection from the elements can kill you almost as fast as lack of AIR. HYPOTHERMIA... HYPERTHERMIA to hot or to cold. Caves work well. So does a prebuilt and equipped military style bunker. Shelter includes clothing. Everybody got at least 2 pairs of thermal underwear?

If these first two are covered you can live 3 days before the absence of WATER will disable you before it kills you. But it has to be safe water.

You can go weeks on rationed water... but your mental and physical abilities deteriorate.

Now we talk about food. You can go without for lengths of time. Personally I have stored enough body fat for... uhh skip that... and let me go to the long funny words...

EXCREATION.... you better have a safe place for this one. Read the BIBLE... it works...

HOMEOSTASIS.... is GREEK for “TO STAND EQUALLY”. It simply means the human “organism is in balance”. Enough AIR, WATER, FUEL, VITAMINS, MINERALS, HORMONES, etc, etc....

Finally “sex”.... what can I say... he was a humanist and a psychiatrist. They find a place for REPRODUCTIVE activity everywhere...

But what can we do ahead.... of time... you ask?

Anyone watch THE WEATHER... and HURRICANE PREPERATION.... if you have missed it all these years... go to a grocery store. Many have maps and lists....

Let's assume... I hate that word.... that we all have air, clothes, a cave, and nothing else... okay?

For now forget your frig, freezer, pantry, etc....

Most agree the human body needs FUEL. We get it by eating. Now let us create a scenario...

In the “cave” we have 4 BODIES in need of fuel. Small growing BODIES need HI OCTANE FUEL.... overly mature ones with minimal activity need the least. More activity.. more fuel required.

1800 calories is said to be normal.... for a BODY.


Let me stop here and let people ponder...






I Wonder What THE MOST HOLY SPIRIT Said To Anyone...

Bob Neumann, September 1, 2008/3

Yeah, I KNOW! Everyone wanted to discuss covering. But covering is a RED HERRING....

Years ago I got a really wonderful set of VISIONS.... they were put together into the FIRST of many ALLEGORIES, called “THE TALE OF THREE CITIES”.

In it there is mention of THE KING’S HERALDS. They brought messages from THE KING to HIS CITIES. Now all three cities recognized these SERVANTS SENT as being from THE KING. But all three acted differently.

But how did they KNOW that these were real? Because they were DRESSED in THE KINGS ““UNIFORM””. Read this Tale and learn what happens...

Now I asked what RHEMA came when any meditated on Eph 6:7..... I had intended to put Eph 6:17 but was stopped..... and was told to put 7 and not 17.

Actually verses 5-8 is one sentence. So verse 7 is taken separately......

Eph 6:7 With good will doing service, as to the Lord, and not to men:

Most who read this verse and see the term “service” will say to themselves “ministry” as used by CHURCHITES of today.

Dr Strong gives a whole lot to this “one term”.....

1) to be a slave, serve, do service

a) of a nation in subjection to other nations

2) metaph. to obey, submit to

a) in a good sense, to yield obedience

b) in a bad sense, of those who become slaves to some base power, to yield to, give one's self up to

Notice these last 2 a & b.... ponder it awhile,,, I will get back to it....

So what is my covering....

Eph 6:17 And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:

1) a helmet

2) metaph.

a) the protection of the soul which consists in (the hope of) salvation

My covering is THE LAMB OF GOD. (in which ever revelation HE CHOOSES to speak to me and direct me.) And boy have I got a whole lot of different FACETS that I have walked with. So I HAVE THE WHOLE ARMOR.... OF GOD... and ABBA told me I would never take off that ARMOR until I enter THE BANQUET. So YASHUA HA MASHIACH is THE ANOINTED ONE WHO COVERS AND SAVES.


Dr Strong says RHEMA means...

1) that which is or has been uttered by the living voice, thing spoken, word

And how should we use HIS WORD/SWORD.... chase down DEMONS... bash Devils... make war on THE KINGDOM OF DARKNESS?????

NOT HARDLY.....!!!!

Eph 6:18 Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;

THE SWORD OF THE MOST HOLY SPIRIT is used in prayer for our BROTHERS and SISTERS who do ABBA'S WILL.....

it is soooo simple 99% of AMERIKAN CHURCHITES are as my son would say “FRIKKIN CLUELESS” because they do not hear anything.

The very next time THE KING OF KINGS whacks the back of your helmet and you hear that bell like throbbing in your mellon, do not be surprised at the next WORDS you hear is... “DO I NOW HAVE YOUR ATTENTION?”

It works every time...

But I still would like come “communion” on these areas I have brought up.

COMMUNION is close intense direct communication with someone.



But if it is just a ritual with no intensity of thought, emotion, awareness, trust.... it is just a game with no one keeping score.

Ouch LORD...






Being “FRIKKIN CLUELESS” In Your Rhema...?

Bob Neumann, September 1, 2008/4

I need to apologize to any and all who felt that my use of the terms “FRIKKIN CLUELESS” in the previous post I sent earlier was not appropriate in some way. To understand where it comes from you have to go back with me a couple of years where I had a “difference of opinion” with several people who will remain nameless.

It centered around the idea of a “place of refuge”. Several individuals were in the discussion about a specific property. Lot of talk, lot of ideas were shot back and forth, up and down. ALL TALK, NO WALK....

So ABBA told me to just “GET IT DONE”.... and laid things out as HE WANTED.

I placed it all before these people and all seemed okay with it.

So I sent out the “paper work” to close 5 IRA's, A KEIOGH account and a 401K and a 403B. What my wife and I had saved over 30 years. Only one person was not in agreement with what ABBA had told me. He was the one in whose hands I was told to place in excess of $400,000. He wanted the money, just not the directions that ABBA stipulated.

My son, ANDREW was 18, and your typical NEANDERTHAL MALE, when I showed him how all transpired in less than 10 days. As those with whom were being told that old Bob was having a “nervous breakdown”, I simply put the checks and wire transfers into my Money Market account. Now Andrew had met these people with Momma and me at Maggie Valley. He read the posts.

It was the first of 3 times now he “labelled” individuals as “FRIKKIN CLUELESS”.

When I asked him why he said that he looked at me with a serious look and said, “these people know you HEAR GOD Dad, so why are they fighting what GOD WANTS DONE?”. He had me there.

Now old ANDREW only got 1297 on his SAT's. He just has started his Junior year at APPALACIAN STATE UNIVERSITY, currently holds 3 straight NCAA DIV 2 National Championships in Football. He hears THE MOST HOLY SPIRIT clearly.

What he hears I do not know, outside of real deep questions he asks of me.

Now I once had a methodist DR of Divinity challenge me on the old internet. One area he hit me with was COVERING. He liked two special verses...

1 Cr 11:14 Doth not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him?

1 Cr 11:4 Every man praying or prophesying, having [his] head covered, dishonoureth his head.

He threw them at me in every post because I had a pony tail. He also did not like my wearing a KIPPAH... YARMULKE or a TALLIT...

When I tried to discuss the GREEK Text he blew me off. When I asked what about Ephesians 6:17? He told me I was a “son of s****!” And stopped responding to me.

Please read EPH 6:7 and tell me what RHEMA you get?


Old Dog




Lacking The Appropriate Credentials…

Bob Neumann, September 1, 2008/5

It has been an “interesting” two weeks since I chose to “share” with several a dream someone who supposedly had about myself. I do not know how many of you have been told by someone of seeing you in a “Dream” or “Vision”. I have had “people” email me with “words of correction”. They “were told” to point out my “Sins” and “Errors”.

Now it was interesting that 3 such people had told me to leave the “woman” I was living with and to return to my wife. 2 said I had to “remarry” the wife I had divorced.... the wife of my youth. So all 3 “believed” I was “SHACKED UP” with a female. 2 of which “knew” I had a legal divorce.

2 of these people “told” me I “had to return” to take care of my 2 sons.

Problem... what about my daughter Jennifer?

Problem... I was still living with my wife... now 33 years and counting....

So I have an “interesting” history of weirdness. Now I have read these posts about COVERING which I have dealt with in the past. I have known for years I have been “Lacking the appropriate credentials....”, but I do not let myself be bothered by it because I know what my covering is.

Not a WHO but a WHAT,,, so to speak....

And I leave this for discussion...






If You Think About It…

Bob Neumann, September 1, 2008/6

If you think about it, King Ahab did not seem to be concerned about what organization ELIYAHO the TISHBITE may have been a member of. Never thought about it myself. Sort of like JOB, if THE MOST HIGH had not SAID that JOB was a perfect and an upright man, who would have believed it? Surely not his 3 close friends....

When people tell me that GOD told them.... I give them the benefit of the doubt. If GOD is willing to speak to me, who am I to argue who else HE MAY TALK TO? Now if anyone wants to tell me my transgressions, I prefer they get them right. My wife Mila wants to find out how many “other wives” I am presently married to.... and when did I find the time and the money to do so.

Jenifer thought it was a hoot that “my two sons needed me”... and asked how she was ignored. Now Jenifer and her husband Paul are happy she is a girl, so does my granddaughter Cordelia.... I assume... but at 18 months her opinions on this matter have not yet been recorded.

Andrew just mumbles and shakes his head.... he has had his fill of watching what can happen at close counters.... his latest response was “frikkin clueless”. The fact he used 2, 2 syllable words in a row made me proud.

But it still leave a lot to ponder...






Keeping It Simple Still...

Bob Neumann, September 2, 2008

Back in 1996-7-8-9 the world had a “SCARE” called “Y2K”.... was it real?

No one knew... but there were a lot of BIG CORPORATIONS spending lots of dinero on it.

As for me I asked THE LORD what should I do. I pray that all of you do so frequently. What I got for an answer was interesting, “prepare for the coming storm”. My original web site was designed by Trey Mitchel and entitled... “THE COMING STORM”.

In 1991 I had a serious learning experience with HURRICANE ANDREW. I learned a whole lot. But I had thought I was well prepared for it. It is just that nothing can prepare you from 60% of your roof flying off and your house being flooded. Then weeks without power and months without garbage pick-up.

COMING STORM... now I had studied the concept of the GREEK TERM “SEISMOS” and wrote about it in detail. What I had not been told was that “Y2K” was the SIESMOS EVENT that I was preparing for. By 1999 I and a group that I worked with that ABBA had brought together had done very well. Personally I had given 100's of #'s of rice, dried beans, peas, lentles, corn, wheat and oats to those who could not buy.

Early on ABBA said to GET SILVER. In Proverbs WISDOM is GOLD. But SILVER can mean “to understand”, “to comprehend”, “to learn how”. So I started to study things I thought I would need to be able to do. THE MOST HOLY SPIRIT showed me a lot of areas I did not even imagined that I needed to know.

So when 2000 came and went I was not surprised. I was surprised in 2001 when THE MOST HOLY SPIRIT said I was to leave Miami. So I had a choice what to take with me, and what to give away.

So I took everything with a 10-15 year shelf life, and gave away the rest.

Back in 1998 I figured out what a family of four could do to get a year supply of food for the least amount of money. Back then using all my contacts we could do it for $140. We can not do it now.


Because the dollar has devalued. Fuel prices tripled.

And those contacts were in Miami.... 756 miles away.

In seven years I have been unable to replace all my contacts.

Finally, what contacts I might have may be too far away from who may need contacts.

But me and THE LORD have been trying to set something up.

But I need to know if anyone is interested in my crazy ideas.

Just kicking it out to see if anyone besides Mike and Toni really are out there....