A Two Edged Sword - Bob Neumann



Son, tell MY Children that MY SWORD has two edges. It cuts on both sides. It is MY WORD and it is a tool meant to cut and to kill. And what do you do armed with MY SWORD and wearing MY ARMOR? You pray. You withstand the attack of the enemy, and pray for one another. You shield yourself in FAITH from the fiery darts, and intercede for your brethren. With the helmet of SALVATION and the belt of TRUTH the enemy's lies cannot hold you in the bondage of deception. And it is MY RIGHTEOUSNESS that protects your heart. That is why you can be concerned for others ahead of your self.... And that is MY MARK on your forehead.

I gave you a sword that has two edges. MY WORD is LOGOS and RHEMA. Ignore one over the other and the blade is broken. Limit MY WORD in any way it shatters.

Oh MY CHILDREN, you sing so many songs about “MY ARMY” marching in joy and victory, defeating and binding the enemy. You sing with such energy and passion about storming camps, running at cities, jumping over walls and taking back all what was stolen. So bold and so strong are you that you never seem to notice those in your ranks and the condition they are in. MY WORD said to stand because you battle not....against flesh and blood. MY ARMOR is for you to withstand the attacks meant to destroy MY WORD in you. And those attacks come to all who are in covenant with ME.

The battle is by MY WORD over you, in MY WORD planted in you. AS THE BATTLE IS MINE, SO IS THE VICTORY. The battles you presently “fight” are nothing compared to what your brethren in the nations where the enemy's deep darkness rules.

So many songs you label 'Christian' never mention ME in any way. And many of these songs do not stand well against MY WORD. Have any of you noticed the lack of MY MOST HOLY SPIRIT in much of what you hear and see on so called “Christian” radio, music, and television? And in much of what you call worship? Worship is not based on numbers. Nor can you discern it in the decibels of sound. It can not be measured by levels of emotion or degrees of perspiration.

THE DAY has come when the TRUE BELIEVER will not worship ME on any Mountain, but in the earthen vessel that I have chosen to TABERNACLE with and in. Those of mine who have built as I have directed them with the PUREST GOLD, SILVER, and PRECIOUS STONES that I offered you have prepared for ME palaces for MY HABITATION. For you must worship ME in MY SPIRIT and in MY TRUTH. You must worship ME without the fanfare of the flesh, without the gimmicks of your world. You must worship ME FROM A HEART MADE PURE AND HOLY AS I AM HOLY. To accomplish all this, like your brethren in SMYRNA, you will soon be tested and proven in the FIRE of AFFLICTION.

Once again I call out to stand up in the POWER of MY WORD and depart from all your Egypts and Babylons. You who are lukewarm, once you were hot. You knew the intensity and emotion of the Flames of FIRST LOVE. But you have allowed yourselves to cool down in your self assurance trusting in what you have perceived as wealth, power, and righteousness. But so little WISDOM....

MY WORD says that MY wish is that you were hot or cold. Your comfortable luke warmness gives ME no pleasure. I am sickened by your rebellious complacency. It offends ME and I can no longer tolerate you in MY PRESENCE.

You sing songs of thanksgiving rarely because you take not what you need from ME. MY SPIRIT BREATHS inspiration into the hearts and minds of MY WORSHIPPERS. But you take what pleases you and forget the greater blessing. You sing “GIVE THANKS'' with a grateful heart for what I have done in your lives. WHEN BREATHED into you it had two verses. With great joy you sing of how the poor are made rich and the weak made strong. But why will you not sing of the sick made whole or the bound set free.

Are these your true priorities? To heal and restore are but part of MY NAME and MY DESIRE for you, but you prefer wealth and power over fullness in ME. SO YOU WALK DISEASED IN SPIRIT, BOUND IN SIN PREFERRING the riches and the kingdoms of this world. Children, how foolish!

ENTER MY BAPTISM OF FIRE, AND DO NOT LEAVE IT. Once you burn with passion for ME you indeed will be hot and appealing to ME. Dive into the Depths of MY SPIRIT; into the DARKNESS that surrounds ME. Into the CLOUDS and SMOKE that obscure MY GLORY from the eyes of this world. In the Depths of MY PRESENCE you will be as cold to the world as you are as passionate for ME. Like steel from the furnace is plunged into water, so will MY STRENGTH be in you. MY FIRE SHAPES AND PURIFIES. MY LIVING WATER HARDENS AND REFRESHES. Those who enter ME I will receive and I will shape according to MY PLEASURE and according to MY PURPOSE.