Thomas Gibson – Obedience


1999 09 06.3

My heart goes out to those of you who will care enough to allow the Spirit to prod your heart, to allow It to seek the heart, the corners of the heart and know whether there is any evil way in you.

For those who will allow this—allow Me, says the Lord—to purge you of any evil way—they are My highest called, they are My highest called.


1999 09 08.1

In my spirit I see a man—older with a beard. He is holding a sword in his right hand with the blade pointing out and up at a slight angle, like you would if you were preparing to fight. But he is just holding it, not moving it at all.

The Lord then said: this is the Word, that the man has. But he isn't using it, because he doesn't know how, or he is scared to, and so the Word is of no effect. The Word is sharper than a two-edged sword. Use it by speaking it against evil forces, against sin, against powers of this earth.

Shortly after this the Lord placed in my heart a revelation that this man represents many christians, holding the Word, but not using it.


2000 06 06.1

As I look at My people I seek to see a heart totally dedicated to My service. I seek not to see a heart dedicated to My service until there is persecution, or until there is opposition, or until people object, or until people laugh, or until people really make life miserable for you.

Thus saith the Lord, I seek a heart that's completely dedicated no matter what the cost. Them I will bless, and them I will heal, and them I will raise up a standard for christians to see and believe in, a standard to know that the word of God is above all things. They shall live and live and live the word of God.


2000 11 04.1

There are those who prosper in the goods of this earth because I have prospered them. I have poured blessings upon them because they are mine and their hearts are dedicated unto Me and unto My work. And therefore I bless them and I prosper them; and it is My pleasure to do so!

But there are those of Mine—that call themselves Mine—who seek and lust after the goods of this earth. They are not like the former who seek My ways, and My words, and seek to serve Me. They are different. They seek and lust after the worldly goods. They want all these things to be looked up too; to be blessed by the world, to be prosperous by the world, and to be understood to be rising high in this worlds goals and this worlds ways.

These people, saith the Lord, these have not heard from Me to obtain a blessing. They have grabbed at it themselves. They have clawed their way to their blessing. But their blessing is earthly. It shall pass and it shall fade. And when it does they'll have nothing. For they have loved the money, and the things of the money; and therefore when they are done they will have been greatly deceived and they'll have lost much.

I say unto you, My people, seek My ways and seek My might. Do not seek the things of this world. For if you will commit yourselves to Me, I will prosper you and bless you as I see fit.

But you humble yourselves to be a witness and a light to this earth for the glory of the mighty God!


2003 09 30.1

Thus saith the Lord God. I have always been a protector of My people. Today that is still true. I will always protect My people. But My people wish to protect themselves by their own means; or they wish that I protect them without their obedience. Obedience to me always requires prayer before Me, and fasting and prayer. Look at My Son. Did He not fast and pray always while on this earth? Then obey the Word and fast and pray and you will walk in the power of God’s Spirit and you will be under the direction and protection of Me.


2004 01 31.1

The Lord is looking for obedience and faith in Him. Listen, says God, I desire that you walk in the faith of the Lord Jesus’ Blood bought salvation, His death, and resurrection, rather than to be concerned about vain theologies which you will not truly understand on this earth.

Look unto Jesus. Be filled with the Spirit. Submit to His will, and be a witness wherever you go and you will do the will of God thoroughly. Stand and believe the simplicity of salvation; for vain theologies divide those who do not understand the simplicity and the pureness of the gospel.

Therefore, go throughout the world and believe the resurrection of the Messiah and preach it to all you come into contact with.