Lessons of the VULGAR PROPHET

Cynosure (Lesson 1) - 7/2001 - Article/Vision

The Vulgar Prophet (Lesson 2) - 7/2001 - Article

Impedimenta (Lesson 3) - 7/2001 - Article/Vision

The Voice Crying (lesson 4) - 8/2001 - Article



Bob Neumann, 7/2001

The first lesson from the VULGAR PROPHET


(For several months I have been in the proverbial place of “new beginnings”. Not because I was ‘growing and glowing” in THE LORD. But because THE LORD “opened” a door and pushed me through. This may be interpreted humorously or irreverent by some. In a way it is both. Yet there are those that will dig up offense in things so their “anger” may rise up and be directed. In the last 100 days I have learned some hard TRUTHS... the hard way. Some came from dreams and some from visions. Many were the purest of all.... one term RHEMA. In my spirit I would “hear” a phrase... or just a single word... and I would literally be forced to study. And when I began to “comprehend” then ABBA poured in. Below is the first of maybe lessons.)

Let those who have ears to hear, listen to HIS VOICE.... and not my ramblings.

Let those who have eyes to see, perceive HIS WILL...... and not my illustrations.

Let those who have hearts to understand, discern HIS PURPOSE.... and they will understand why I do what must be done.


Several times I have had similar images of “free falling”. The first time I was in black armor attacking a CITY OF DARKNESS.

When fully armored and empowered by the will and the presence of AN OMNIPOTENT GOD.... there is neither time nor place to worry or second guess.

In late May I had a “mini-vision”. I already knew and had done much to accomplish the move from Miami, Florida to North Carolina. The problem was simple. We had quit our jobs, had “sold” our home with closing set for June 14-15. It was only three weeks away and we had no actual location to where our “relocation” terminated. Many religious and spiritual types will either moan or sigh and talk about “walking in faith”. Personally, at the time everything in “me” was screaming... “do something.... this is crazy....YO ABBA!!! HELP!!!!”

If you think I am being funny.... please forget it. At the time I was frightened.... worn down and worn out.

The attacks against me, my wife, my kids was without stop. Each day things were “worse” to my natural eyes. Our funds were dwindling rapidly. And my prayers were not being answered.

Then one day after pounding my head on doors that would not open, I sat down frustrated and in tears. Nothing was working. If anything everywhere I went things just got worse.

I came to the point I did not know what else to do... I had prayed and prayed.

I gave up.

I repented of everything I could think of. Everything I could imagine.

I even repented of all the lies and suggestions the enemy threw in my face and mocked me with.

And nothing happened...and another day passed....and another....

I had an approaching “dead line” and I was sitting dead and useless.

Psalm 130.... fitted well....

And then I had a strange little vision. I was sitting in a hallway with papers in hand. This was familiar because I had spent several days and many hours doing just that trying to clear old building permits. Then I heard the word “NEXT” and stood up and walked to where the door was. Instead of a “door” I saw THE MASTER... Y’SHUA... JESUS. HE HANDED ME A BIG “PARCEL” AND LOOKED AT THE WALL BEFORE US. ON THE WALL WAS A SET OF TWO LIGHTS. THE RED ONE BURNED BRIGHTLY.


The next thing I knew I was falling in empty space. IT WAS HERE I HEARD HIS LAST TWO WORDS..... “HAVE FUNNNNNN”.

And this is when the vision ended.....

I had an answer to all my feverish prayers..... frantic, desperate supplications....

GO!!!! HAVE FUN!!”........

Not what I was expecting....

The parcel HE handed me was a PARACHUTE.... But I have never seen or used one before.... So what good was it...???

This was more than a step or leap of faith.

What it meant was when the time came I would have what I needed, and I would figure it out in time.

Otherwise I would be a “ROMAN CANDLE”.... look it up and find out what it means. Many Christian types out there are “roman candles”.... either meaning.

After this vision I got still and proceeded to wait.... and got a “WORD”....


And yes, I had to look it up.... so do you... now....

When I did I understood different levels.... that if I would just let GOD, HE WOULD SUPPLY AND GUIDE ME....

But.... I had to jump through the open door.... no matter how long... how far... how hard the fall.

Selah, children

Old Dog

Definition from Miriam Webster’s Online

Pronunciation: 'sI-n&-"shur, 'si-
Etymology: Middle French & Latin; Middle French, Ursa Minor, guide, from Latin
cynosura Ursa Minor, from Greek kynosoura, from kynos oura, literally, dog's tail
1capitalized: the northern constellation Ursa Minor; also: NORTH STAR
2: one that serves to direct or guide
3: a center of attraction or attention





The Vulgar Prophet (or The Big Joke)

Bob Neuman, 7.14.2001

Lesson Two

Let those who have ears to hear, listen to HIS VOICE.... and not my ramblings.

Let those who have eyes to see, perceive HIS WILL...... and not my illustrations.

Let those who have hearts to understand, discern HIS PURPOSE.... and they will understand why I do what must be done.


One of the most peculiar things i have learned is the extreme polarity of the two extremes within the "assembly of the saints". There are the many who love GOD and seem no different than anyone else. They laugh, cry, struggle and sometimes fail. But they get up and start over again. And then there are those "others". These are the ones who look down at the first group i mentioned and label them as "those people". You will find these "others" almost everywhere. In fact some entire congregations are "others". And are quick to distance themselves from "those people".

Certain subspecies of this race i call "the others" have some real peculiar tendencies. Some enjoy using "thee's and thous" dropped into the conversation when they want to prove themselves spiritual. Unlike our AMISH, MENONITE Brethren who do it all the time "the others" use it for effect only. There are some who throw the phrase "PRAISE GOD"...or...."THANK GOD" in every sentence the speak. Again it is an affectation more than praise and worship.

I call the others a "race" because that is how they define themselves....in the metron of scripture. For you see....they and their "cliques" are THE CHOSEN GENERATION. Or as THE MASTER REFERS TO THEM....THE SELF PROCLAIMED "VERY ELECT".

If you travel across America and any town with more than two stop signs you will see signs and symptoms of this. There are streets where you come to an intersection and you find two gas stations and two buildings designated as "churches". Going through "home town USA" 's main drag it is not uncommon passing 8-10-20 said buildings of various sizes, shapes, ages, and rules.

Supposedly all read the same scriptures, and acknowledge similar rules and beliefs. Notice i list rules ahead of beliefs. They do to, but seldom advertise it. The tragedy is that all of these believe they are THE CHOSEN GENERATION....THE CHILDREN OF GOD.

But they never step foot in someone elses building. Rarely do they associate with "others" of different brand or label.

For the most part these people stay in their own little worlds and really do not bother anyone. Don't do a whole lot for the KINGDOM.... but that is because man has taught them that they are the kingdom....and not much else. They for the most part are innocuous. What is not so easily to ignore are those who have the calling to "reach" the world.

Out there is this group i call "PROFESSIONAL RELIGIOUS"....there whole purpose in life is to have others notice them. To grab the attention of all who notice and try to sell their brand of "religiosity". What is fun about them is they have an interesting assortment of "dialects" and "accents". The term "affectations" is not even strong enough to describe the elite of the elite of these "others".

Over the years i have had to move around and among many of these "interesting" individuals. The first thing i notice is how uncomfortable some of them are when i show up.

You have most likely met some of these "others"....those who see themselves as the "very elect" and make strong effort to show and tell you that you are not. Many of you may have bad memories of such encounters. Others have scars from old meetings, while others still have open wounds in their spirits from these encounters. Let me say you child are not the problem, so stop blaming yourself.

THE PROBLEM is THE "VERY ELECT"....and that is THE BIG JOKE.... for according to Matthew, JESUS warned that it was THE VERY ELECT who are in danger of BELIEVING THE LIE.

Actually, by considering themselves better, above, everyone else is the first layer in THE BIG LIE.

Many of you may wonder why i have the handle "the VULGAR PROPHET". Actually it is simply a tool to offend those eager to offend. Those who see "vulgar" as dirty, nasty, below themselves. You catch it? Remember JESUS'S story about the two who went to TEMPLE and prayed? REMEMBER THE PHARISEE who THANKED GOD...that he was not like "other men...women...etc". In his own mind ... and heart...and spirit...he was ABOVE all others...or if i put it im modern "christianese"... one of THE VERY ELECT.

Many think of "vulgar" as someone using "bad words"..."4 letter words". Remember the first Pentecost where the 5000 said "aren't these guys" from Galilee? They knew where they came from by their "speech"...the words they used.

VULGAR simply means "common". The average JOE and JOAN who works hard and does their best. VULGAR became "dirty" in the MIDDLE AGES.... the Wealthy and the Royalty looked down at the "COMMON PEOPLE" and called them "vulgar"... because their hands were "dirty" and they did not talk like the "upper crust". They worked for the ELITE...the ELITE never got their hands dirty.

Now that is the BIG JOKE...THE VERY ELITE....have no intention of getting "down and dirty" for the GOSPEL of JESUS. Which is funny, because it was JESUS'S preference for the "down and dirty" that offended the hell out of the religious elite. Imagine a "prophet of GOD" hanging around skid row"? This guy who heals the sick and casts out demons talks with whores and touches lepers... and I HAVE TO INVITE HIM INTO MY HOUSE SO I CAN SNUB HIM! ! ! ! ! ! OH YUK!

Offending RELIGOUS TYPES....annoying Pharisees....should be the NATIONAL SPORT of THE KINGDOM.... only problem is that when HIS KINGDOM COMES...HE GETS RID OF ALL THE GOATS. only ones left are dirty smelly sheep.....

bahhhh, bahhh, bahhh


old dog



Impedimenta (or Come Unto Me)

Bob Neumann, 7.17.2001

Lesson 3

Sometimes when things start you really have no idea where the PATH you walk will take you. This seems to be one of those. Many weeks ago an "old term" kept jumping in and was asking for time to sit and study. As usual the issue of original meaning/purpose verses modern vernacular and usage created a glaring rift in understanding.

Part of the importance i was "discerning" might have been based on an AWARENESS of "divine humor". How THE MASTER enjoys using "terms/words" with multiple depths and meanings. For years i have listened to preachers /teachers talk about getting "nuggets" of GOLD out of their study of scripture. Most of these people talked about personal rhema...little revelations that we all need to help us in our WALK. Most people find these "nuggets" because they were there to be found. It all goes back to present reality. "OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD" is scripturally accurate. But if those 6 words become your Christian "mantra" it easily occurs that ABBA'S NATURE will be limited to us because of said "mantra". It boxes ABBA in. AWESOME has limited meaning...but it is a nice "label" for those who do not want to operate with HIS OTHER ASPECTS.... OMNIPOTENCE … OMNISCIENCE... OMNIPRESENCE... HOLINESS.... ETERNAL .... and many others.

Being OMNISCIENT means ABBA knows all we will ever need throughout our lives/walk and places them where and when we need them. Being ETERNAL helps because HE has known since before the creation. Being OMNIPOTENT mean simply....ain't nothin' can prevent or stop HIM....except us. Our freewill....

That is where i am now. For several weeks i have wanted to share about "IMPEDIMENTA".… a "term" i kept getting in my spirit....and THE MASTER used several times.

At the same time HE had spoken to me about as ARMY on the march and the IMAGE of "LIVING OFF THE LAND" was placed heavily upon me. In "christianese" many call it a "burden" when GOD hands us something that we "carry" or are told to "pray about". In many ways this fits that mindset, but the last 3 days has taken it beyond the simple to profound.

Yesterday and last night i have been hearing a "song in my spirit" sang years ago by Sally Klein O'Connor. To me it is very intimate and personal. It speaks of the troubles and trials we face just growing and appearing insurmountable. Even using that big "4 dollar word" tells me and anyone who reads this how deeply this has affected me. Maybe because the "stuff" i have had to deal with the last few months has often seemed impossible for me to deal with. simply because it was. In the natural i could not/should not have made it through.

That is where the SONG comes in... whenever the walls are too high...the road too rough… the demons just too damn big and many i hear HIM SING...."COME UNTO ME FOR MY LOAD IS EASY....COME UNTO ME FOR MY BURDEN IS LIGHT....EVERY VALLEY YOU HAVE EVER WALKED THROUGH, I WAS RIGHT THERE BESIDE YOU.....I WILL ALWAYS BE WITH YOU".

Yea, it's "just" a song....and HE IS "JUST" A SAVIOUR.... i wonder what kind of "crap" HE sees me walking into next, and has gently been preparing me. I can't help but wonder because i remember what HE HAS TAKEN me through ALREADY.....and everything really points forward....doesn't it?

Yesterday i had one of those "selah" things. A VISION....where i do not see or hear MY MASTER address anything specific....but the PURE SMELL AND TASTE was a WONDER TO BEHOLD.

I was sitting on a rise of ground just over a path. The path was tree lined and had all kinds of bushes and stuff growing on either side. I sat with my alice pack at my side and a rifle in my arms. It looked like a perfect place for an ambush or a "hit". So i sat and waited, just watching.

Shortly later i saw a woman casually walking, carrying a large "basket" on her head. She had some kind of simple tribal dress on and was barefoot. Her movement was not a staggered walk under he burden, but a rhythmic glide that shouted out to me. She was carrying her load without a thought about it. I watched her walk and within moments there were others with different "loads" all were carrying. All moved with their load, along the path. All in balance and with purpose.

Then i saw another woman, and she was carrying a "stick" across her shoulders and hanging on either end was a basket filled with stuff. Like the first woman she moved with her burden, but was dressed in "pajamas" and wore some type of sandal. And like before one became many and after awhile the path was empty and i waited. Everything balanced and with purpose.....

Suddenly the quiet forest setting began to fill with "noise" coming towards me....and i watched as a "third" woman came into view. But as she came towards me the whole image changed. Instead of a "dirt path" it was concrete. The trees became buildings and bushed were...well you get the idea.

I watched this "woman" come into view. She wore a tank top and some kind of slacks where the cuff is tight and about half way up her calves. On her feet she wore those 3-4 inch sandals that looked like they would fall off on every step. From her arms hung numerous shopping bags. Unlike the first two women where i just watched them walk by, i really tried to pay attention to this woman. She had one of those "do's" firmly anchored in place, not one hair out of place. her sunglasses were like her clothes and sandals probably perfectly fashionable. she had plenty of makeup on so i would not even dare guess an age.

But unlike the first two who simply walked by, this one came to an abrupt halt...shopping bags swinging and purse dangling. I had to laugh as she dug a cell phone out of her hand bag and brought it too her face. What little "non-verbal" language i was picking up was intense. One hand firmly planted phone in ear and the other sat sealed to hip. As she began to tap her foot she slowly turned in a circle.

Two things i noticed...the shopping bags were definitely up scale...i saw a few names...and they were very light. And they got in her way as she moved. It was "obvious" she was not "getting" anywhere quickly and was not carrying much weight.

I guess it was at this point i noticed she was "POPPING GUM" as she appeared to be waiting on hold. My first thought was that "she was not happy" was emphasized when she dropped her "shopping bags on the ground and rummaged through her "handbag" with her free hand. I guess i was not surprised as she "lit" up and took a few quick drags. All this time i just shook my head and wondered. Instead of this woman walking and joining others "similarly burdened" the vision just ended with "her" standing, waiting........

And that is where it ended....and the SONG BEGAN....."COME UNTO ME......"

The only problem is the SONG is not complete......

Yes HIS yoke is easy....and indeed, HIS BURDEN is LIGHT....in comparison with my trying to "hump" all the crap and crud i have tried to carry over the years on my own...for my own reasons. What the SONG does not say is WHAT HE ALSO SAID in that scripture... "LEARN OF/FROM ME". And i guess this is where we get to "impediments" and "living off the land". We think of "impediment" as a "barrier" on our path.

The term comes from ancient Latin. Im....ped.... describes something that messes up your feet...footing. Impedimenta was the "baggage train" of the ROMAN LEGION. Their "long term" supplies. Engineering equipment. Siege weapons....etc... it also included the "auxiliary units" the LEGION NEEDED....forge and blacksmith, quartermaster, engineers, artillery, cavalry, archers and slingers, etc.... a full LEGION on the march held nearly 10,000 men and another 10,000 in their "baggage train". The LEGION could march 15-20 miles a day....the carts and oxen 6-8. In 3 days time the LEGION could out travel their supply lines 30-40 miles. Back then that was a long distance...but it was maybe 5 days from your food rations.

And 10,000 men can not "live off the land".....selah.... one man can and i have for several months.... but i had to bring "my baggage train" so i can "dig" in for a long stay....

One of the "images" of the SAINTS is THE ARMY OF GOD. All church types like and use it a lot. The only problem is their imagery is shallow and self-gratifying.

Is there a real "army" of GOD out there? Troops in ranks....moving "UNDER COMMAND" towards a set position where THE LORD OF HOSTS can make war on HIS ENEMIES?

Maybe it is because so few HEAR HIM say "COME TO ME....AND I WILL GIVE YOU REST".... i have learned you need to rest and be ready to pick up HIS YOKE....and hump HIS PACK and accept HIS BURDEN.... and yes, HIS STUFF IS LIGHT AND EASY with HIM BEHIND YOU HELPING YOU.... but boy, how quick you can crash and burn when "you" decide to jump the track and go cross country. HE put the path down for us to travel with HIS STUFF....you know....HIS PATH...HIS STUFF...HIS ARMY...HIS BATTLE....HIS WAR....HIS PURPOSE....HIS KINGDOM and HIS GLORY FOREVER AND EVER.



And all we have to do is to "COME UNTO....". maybe HIS WAY IS TOO EASY AND SIMPLE....

I still can't figure...

old dog




The Voice Crying

Bob Neumann, 8.15.2001

Lesson Number FOUR...…

And i pray there will be no others...…

Let those who have ears to hear, listen to HIS VOICE....and not my ramblings.
Let those who have eyes to see, perceive HIS WILL......and not my illustrations.
Let those who have hearts to understand, discern HIS PURPOSE....and they will understand why i do what must be done.


Sometimes i am in utter awe when THE MOST HOLY SPIRIT speaks to me, but just as easily i am overwhelmed at the UTTER DREAD that envelopes me when i find myself before THE LIVING GOD .....THE HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL. And then there are those times where the SIMPLICITY of ABBA'S WORDS warm and delight me as intensely as THE THUNDERS OF THE LAMB fore me to stand up and shout a battle cry of TRIUMPH AND TERROR.

It is written....that THE FEAR OF THE LORD is only the beginning of WISDOM. I suppose that when there is no visible signs of HOLY FEAR in a person's words, opinions, positions, dogmas, and doctrines we should not expect anything else but the works of fools. It frightens me to read what i am now writing because i see little in my own fruit basket to be safe and secure about.

Almost two weeks ago we made our final move and "dug" in.....in the natural. I never anticipated finding in the natural what i saw in the SECOND HEAVEN. That little place of "ambush" i shared about in "COME UNTO ME" has a mirror image in the natural....exactly 7 miles East of the main pass of the EASTERN Continental Divide.

I would have never believed on April 15 all that ABBA would accomplish in less than 70 days..… but HE IS GOD.....and HE ALONE IS WORTHY TO BE WORSHIPPED AND

Yes, i counted THE COST.....BUILT THE TOWER...and had plenty left over for remodeling, refurnishing and all the other "life's necessities" as perceived by Mrs olddog.

So tired, and somewhat relieved i was not expecting the QUESTION asked of me 14 days ago..…


So.....for 14 days i waited and listened to the many voices that have filled the TV.… RADIO ....WWW.… and i listened to THE MOST HOLY SPIRIT give me a lesson i did not want to take.....or pass on to all who may read this.

According to Jesus there had been none like JOHN.......but he would be minor compared to those who would come later.

So much has been written about John....and THE SPIRIT OF ELIJAH. Almost as much has been written about the "sons of thunder", THE MANTLES OF ELIJAH/ELISHA.....that we pay little attention to several facts.

First, John came to MAKE STRAIGHT THE PATH....yeah, sure....he called for people to repent. IN HEBREW IT IS TESHUVAH. We entered the TIME OF TESHUVAH a few days ago....which means the DAYS OF AWE are coming fast. Anybody talk about TESHUVAH and YOM HaDIN in the last 3 weeks.....nope. Second, and what i liked best about ol' JOHNNY was he got in the faces of the PROFESSIONAL CLERGY....Confronted FALSE RELIGION AND FALSE LEADERSHIP. Not a whole lot of that either. Third...JOHN FACED DOWN HEROD....and the SIN OF NATIONAL POLITICAL LEADERSHIP...…


Because "GOD'S MAN" is on the throne.....thank you Dutch and all the prophets of wherever....…

So where is the PROPHETIC VOICE crying out according to THE WORDS OF ISAIAH.… JEREMIAH....EZEKIEL....NAHUM....AMOS..…

Even ELIJAH got into AHAB'S FACE and said "it ain't gonna rain".....because of AHAB and his daddy and granddaddy.… forget Jezebel DAUGHTER'S OF ZION.....AHAB must be faced several years before we can call for a rumble on MT CARMEL.

I watched and i listened....in THE SPIRIT i do not HEAR THE VOICE OF ONE CRYING IN THE WILDERNESS. Nor do i see/hear a lone corporate voice from the masses of prophetic people out there. and with this "understanding" i "hear" a scripture in my spiritman that is repeated twice in JUDGES.....something about the idea that "because there was no KING in the land".....everybody is doing what is right in their own eyes. this troubles me greatly.

There are many threads out there....many little streams....coming from so many. but there is no one who is in a position to reach WASHINGTON, THE NATION, THE CHURCHES.…

THE MASTER has shown me many who claim the position(s)....and there are many who lust over a "ministry" of such scope in worldly parameters. Maybe too many.…

But none of these "POWER WANNABEE'S" have taken a serious look at John or ELIJAH.…their places of habitation.…living conditions....diet....wardrobe.…i'm sure not interested…

Is it tie to cast our bread upon the water.…

Even that image is wrong today.....part of TESHUVAH.…