By Byron Searle


Jeremiah 21:11-14

My son, tonight many people will be watching My sign that I am sending; however, only the watchmen in My Word know it is a warning. The world thinks it is nothing. The Church thinks it might be something, but they don't really care. Only My watchmen know it is a sign of judgment coming upon this nation for the fruits of your doing. Also, this is the night that Trump, the king, will show his pride and boast of all his accomplishments. He has done nothing to bring repentance to this nation. I say he is not a Cyrus, but he is a Zedekiah, refusing to hear the true prophets that I have brought into his White House. He only hears the Hananiahs that surround him and puff him up with pride.

My son, the end of this nation is very close, and the king refuses to hear and repent. My judgment will alarm this nation and send chills throughout the White House. Tonight, my warning will be overlooked so a prideful and arrogant nation can hear the king boast of his works.

Woe to this nation, Woe to this people, Woe to My people who love to have their ears tickled with this false message of peace and prosperity. I, the Lord saith, I will take it all away. Who will follow Me then?

My son, the fruit of this nation stinks like pig dung, and My Church loves to wallow in it. They cannot even smell the stench because they have been there so long. My judgment will open the nostrils of My Church, and they will smell the filth that the pastors and people have allowed to infiltrate My Body. I am coming soon for a Bride that is spotless white and and does not smell like garbage.

My son, Jeremiah smelled that smell before the captivity, and what did My people do? Threw him in a sewer pit! My watchmen will come under attack from My Church, and it will be a time of great distress as they will think they are doing Me a service getting rid of the doom and gloomers. But I have something for the fruit of their doing. My Holy Fire will devour.

Dan Lirette:

The Word of the Lord came to me on March 30th, 2016, concerning Donald J. Trump:

“For Donald Trump is My Judgement against America; he will become what you have asked for, oh America; you who say you are great. But I, the Lord, have raised him up in this hour and have heard your cry for a man of war and not a man of peace. Thus I have given to you, oh you who say you are great, the desire of your own wicked and rebellious heart. He shall become great in name and in stature and the princes of the earth shall behold him and fear for his many words. But the day shall come when he is in office that the rulers of the earth will mourn his death and shall say, “No more is Trump! No more is Trump!”. His many words of war and his heart of rebellion will be brought low and he shall come to nothing and shall be nothing. For I the Lord will accomplish My own perfect will through this Pharaoh of your time and will raise him up to bring dictatorship to your nation and fear to the world. For what you had in Obama – a weak and pathetic man – you shall have the opposite in Trump and he shall be called great for a time and for a season and then shall I cause his heart to turn against you and take from you what you did not want taken; that which he promised to return to you: Your freedom. You, oh America, shall be brought low and shall be taken captive and shall be in bondage because of this man’s leadership. You who call yourselves by My Name who lifted your hearts against My Holy Righteousness and called for this wicked man’s nomination and election. Hear now the Word of the Lord:

I shall punish you through this wicked servant with a great punishment. You shall come to nothing and be brought low until you repent and return to the Lord in humility. For I have found pride in all who have voted for this wicked rebel; your sins have reached the heavens and I declare to you this day, saith the Lord, that unless you repent, you too, My Children, shall partake of the great calamities which I shall bring upon your nation. For I have not found in you that which is pleasing to Me. You have heeded strange gods who I did not command you to bow down to yet you have bowed. Now behold!, saith the Lord; I will come to you swiftly and convict you by My Spirit. Heed My Word and repent, lest wickedness be found in you where there will be no remedy.

America the Great has fallen by the wayside; who shall save Her? Shall man? Nay; I shall not allow it until My Righteous and Holy anger is fulfilled in You, oh America the Great. For you shall be called America The Fallen when My holy wrath is poured out from the east to the west and from the west to the east and from the north to the south and from the south to the north! I AM THAT I AM and you, oh America, have angered the LORD; you shall not escape My punishment. Only those who humble themselves in this season shall be spared My wrath.

Come now; let us reason together, saith the Lord. Turn and live; look no more to the false gods of Egypt for your sustenance but rather look to Me, the God and the Redeemer of all who call on the Name of My Son, Jesus the Christ.”