Thomas Gibson – Percecution


1995 12 12.2

This will occur as you have noticed in the previous prophecies—not only from this prophet, but from many others that I have called—that the war years will end and a new time of rejoicing in the Spirit will be here. Rejoice for I have separated out My people from the world, My people from the flesh, My people from the ways of the world. I am the Lord. I have chosen My ways and now, My people will also choose My way!!

Now as these war years come to a close, you will see that there will be abnormal amounts of discrimination against those who are truly called by My Name. But it is not abnormal amounts from the time before, for My people have been persecuted for many years, as I have stated, "they will be persecuted for My names sake," and so it shall be!!

So therefore, notice that the persecution that will occur just after the war is over will be abnormally small! Not large, but small. They will increase in speculation that all things wrong with this earth have to do with those crazy's. And that will be you, My people. But take heart and know that I am with you, even to the end of the age, and beyond to the ages to come!!



1998 04 10.1

Thus says the Lord, hear the word, know the word. I am the word, says the Lord, I am the word. Hear the word, know the word. Believe the word, understand the word. Go with the word of the Living God.

Hear not the words of man, for they are strange unto Me, and they are evil. For the word of God is the only true Holy Word. Hear that word and understand that word.

There is a time coming soon when you shall see prophecies that have been told, and heard, and repeated, from time and times past; they shall come upon you, and you shall see them come to pass. There shall be hard times in this earth, great and hard times. For there shall be great times in My Spirit as revival like never before breaks out, and I shall move heaven and earth, and My people shall walk like they have never walked, together, in the Spirit of God. There shall be miracles like never before.

But at this time, there shall rise up a persecution like never before. My prophets that have prophesied in My Name shall be persecuted. They shall be persecuted, and they shall be put in jail, and they shall be done to by the evil one, and they shall be treated harshly for My Names sake. They shall be killed for My Names sake. They shall be turned aside, not treated nicely, but thrown away, pushed aside, not dealt with nicely by the world. But rather they shall be dealt with harshly by the world.

There is a great price to pay for the prophets that I have called! A great price to pay!  A great price to pay! And so it shall be in the days to come.

There shall come a time when there is no word of the Living God to hold back the work of the devil. For My people shall be persecuted, and chased from one end of this earth to the other. And no, they shall not be able to own houses, or places to do business in a normal way. There shall be persecution like there has never been before. These days are coming.

Let those who have trusted in My Name, have looked upon Me, have been true to the word of God—they have nothing to fear. Those who repent and turn to Me have nothing to fear. For I am with you even unto the end of the world.

For until My coming there shall be great persecution. It is just barely beginning in this earth. But it is coming, and as it comes, it shall come slowly at times. Sometimes with a ferocity, and a quickness in certain ways. And sometimes it will come slowly. It will not be all at once.

You'll see suddenness in this way: there will come a persecution against you, almost out of nowhere. Suddenly they shall be rising up and saying, "who is this person, and what have they said. They are telling lies and deceiving. It is them that are causing so much trouble."

And like Nazi Germany who persecuted the Jews for no real reason at all, so this shall be in this day, they shall rise against My christians, and they shall persecute them for no real reason at all.

Make no mistake, I am with you unto the end of the world. I am with you unto the end of the world.

Be not dismayed at this word. For if you will put your faith in the power of God, I'll bring you through. Like Daniel was brought to the lions den, I will bring you through. But if you put your faith in the things of men, you will fall and fall hard. But if you repent, then I will raise you back up again.

So put your faith in Me. Keep putting it in the word of the Living God. I'll be with you. And like Daniel sat in the midst of the lions, so that you shall sit in the midst of persecution AND NOT BE HARMED!

For this is the will of the Lord, that they will rise up against you and be unable to harm you for the power of God that shall be upon you! And it shall be a sign unto them, and unto the world, THAT GREAT IS THE GOD OF ISRAEL, great is the God of the universe, great is the God of ALL CREATION! Nothing shall be harmed that He says is protected.

The power of God shall reign over all. You have no concept of the miracles, the powers that shall be attained in the Spirit at that time.

But put your faith in Me and you shall walk in it, says the Lord, you shall walk in it.



1998 04 10.3

This time is coming when the good people of God shall have to run and hide from the authorities that shall seek them to persecute them, to jail them, and to harm them.

For there is coming a time when persecution shall hit even United States country, and they shall come after My people in great numbers, because they can't touch Me for My judgment upon them, but they will seek those who are of Me, to persecute them.

Stand fast in this time, for I am with you, even to the ends of this earth.


1999 05 31.1

I awoke about 5:00 am, right after having a short dream about someone who was arrested for having illegal material on their computer.

All I could see was just a short quick arrest of someone I did not know, and then I saw the word "download" clearly printed above the scene. As I awoke the Lord spoke to me and said it would become illegal to download christian material to your computer.

He did not tell me where or when this would come to pass.


1999 07 19.2

Few people realize—in this earth, that are of My Kingdom, saith the Lord—that they must go through trials and tribulations. I do not give these things  to hurt them, BUT TO TRAIN THEM, for what is to come!

If they want to escape the trials and tribulations that are upon them, they must do so by learning what I am attempting to teach them. And once they learn, they will move on to the next series, to learn more.

For I am training an army, and there is much people to train, and much training of every person, AND SO LITTLE TIME LEFT, before the great war begins!!! And it is a war over the souls of men, the great last battle.

And this battle will be fought for the souls of men. And satan will not stand idly by. He'll attempt to deceive on a level that he has never attempted before. Persecutions shall rise up in the places you'd least expect it from, and the places you'd least expect it to occur, AND YET I WILL BE WITH YOU IN STRENGTH, says the Lord!!!



1999 07 19.3

Thomas, you personally shall face, in the coming days, in the not too distant  future, a persecution, and an investigation against you of false charges.

Stand in this time. Stand in this time. For I shall raise you through and up from this time, and make you to stand in the way that the Lord has asked you to stand, a prophet, given to all who will listen, a prophet that will stand true in the times of persecution.

So says the Lord.



1999 09 20.2

For thus says the Lord, the God of heaven, the God of earth, the God of all things.

For there is a god of this earth (who is called god of this earth): satan himself. There is a God in heaven who is above everything. He is above all things. The so-called god of this earth shall fall—satan himself shall fall. At the return of the Lord, the King of Kings, there shall be a great fall of the satanic kingdom. But until that time, he'll be allowed to deceived and then wreck havoc.

And those who will stand by My Name, says the Lord; those who will stand in My ways, says the Lord; those who will stand in the power of the Kingdom of God, says the Lord; those shall stand up. Some shall be slain, martyred for the Kingdom. Some shall rejoice, and continue on for a time. But all shall have victory: victory over evil, victory over satan, victory over the world.

For I am a victorious God. Nothing, but nothing, but nothing shall hold Me back. When I planted the Garden of Eden, brought Adam and Eve to be. I sent them forth, and I sent them forth into the Garden to give them a luxurious life, a life of perfection, and a life of glory, that they would multiply and fill. But they turned from Me, and the multiplying was multiplying of sin.

I am a victorious God and I shall not lose. There is coming a day on this earth of reckoning, of righteousness, when all things shall be judged. And on that day I will set those on My right who have been righteous and holy—and before the Kingdom of God, saints. And I shall set on My left those that have been rebellious. And standing there some will be shocked at which line there're in. Some will be shocked at which line people they knew were in.

For you see, many play games, who think morality of this world is what counts. They look up to the world, and they want the world to look up to them—so they have that. But they don't have Me, says the Lord.

For those who stand for the Kingdom, stand for the power, for the very Lamb of God—they shall be jeered, poked at, laughed at, persecuted. People shall hate them for My Names sake. Because they dared to be different, and stand up for what is righteous.

And the spirit of this world is an antichrist spirit. It stands not for the things of this earth to turn unto the things of Heaven, but rather stands for the things of this earth to deceive it all the way to the pit of the very bottom of hell!

And I tell you, My people, that My work is to deceive not anything or anyone, but to bring them into the righteousness of the Kingdom of God, to shake them up and show them the sin of this earth, to turn them around and set them on a path that is of God, the great God, the God of all Gods, the God that is of Heaven and earth, the God that cannot fail. So says the Lord, so says Jehovah, so says the Spirit. Amen, and amen, and amen!


2000 03 26.1

There is a King in heaven above and He is in charge. Beware that your heart stands in the faithfulness of the Lord. It does not seek the things of this earth.

For as that stands in the faithfulness of the Lord, that will take you through the times to come. Prophets have warned and warned and warned of this time to come. Yet it is not here yet. It is not going to be here yet for some time by your calculation. But as I say, says the Lord; and as I look at it, says the Lord, it is quite close.

Prepare for the time in your hearts and in your spirits to keep a constant vigil over your heart that it serves in the spirit of truth and not in error, that it stand in faithfulness to the Lord, and it does not waver in that faithfulness.

Here this word and know that the time is coming when it shall be hard to serve the Lord without the Spirit of God fully empowering your life. It shall be hard to serve the Lord. Persecution shall come when you least expect it, and from sources you do not believe it could come from.

So says the Lord God. Here Me and know Me, that you follow this: that you be partaking in the kingdom of God, and that you heed this word. For coming are the days when it is very hard to serve the Lord.


2000 08 24.1

For thus says the Lord, hear this word and understand. I am not against the churches. But I am, says the Lord, against the churches who follow after the structure of man, who follow after the structure of human resources, who seek to glorify themselves, and who seek to do things according to the will of the flesh.

I wish My people to seek My Name in purity and love and honesty; not seeking a name for themselves, not seeking anything for themselves. For if they shall seek Me in completeness and totalness from the heart I will meet every need they ever have and I will bless them, says the Lord.

But if they will seek themselves, a name for themselves, an organization for themselves, a piece of the pie (as they think), so that they may be somewhat notable; then I shall crush them, says the Lord. And I shall bring them down, says the Lord. And I shall humble them, says the Lord. And I shall rebuke them!

For thus says the Lord, this is not a time to be religious. This is not a time to walk in the flesh. The Spirit is what you need. The Spirit of the Living God is what you need. The Power of the Living God must flow.

For the times ahead are going to be hard for My people! For great persecution shall come. Even in America it shall be! Even in Canada it shall be! Even in Europe it shall be! And if you are going to be prepared to walk in the power of these times you must not walk in the things of the flesh, but in the things of the Spirit.

For it is only in that Power that you can face what is to come. It is only in that Power you can know how to walk through this. For My Spirit will be with you, teaching you every minute, every hour of the day.

And it is that you must walk in. If you can't walk in it now when times are easy, how are you going to walk it in later when times are past easy and are becoming hard! And what I prophesied in this prophecy is not the great persecution that shall come—this will be just the beginning. This will be just the beginning.

Persecution shall get harder. It shall be like the days of old in the Iron Curtain countries which so squashed the church. That is how it is going to come. That is what it is going to be like. For the worldliness that satan has infused into America, Canada, Europe, and other areas, this shall rise up in strength. It shall rise up in power. And when it does, the greatness of the Lamb shall also rise up.

My people shall walk in power. My people shall walk in strength. For have you not understood, have you not comprehended that the times and the seasons at hand are to prepare for what is to come?

That is why there must be a burning out of sin in the church. That is why there must be churches raised up that will walk truly and dedicated to My Spirit, says the Lord, and not to themselves, and to any name they come up with; but they'll be churches of Me.

For there have been raised up churches of this, and churches of that name, and churches of some other name—all trying to make a name for themselves. But I, says the Lord, I am looking for a church that is raising up the Name of Jesus. My Name, says the Lord, not some other name.

That is of the Kingdom of God. And that is what will walk in power and strength. That is what will have strength against the evil of these end times. And that is what will have victory over the evil of these end times. So says the Lord God of Heaven!


2000 10 08.3

Warning, warning, warning, says the Lord God. Hear Me, hear Me, hear Me. Persecution is coming unto this earth to My people. It is coming to Western Canada in a severe way. When it comes it will get so bad—as it progresses—that you My people will resort to small towns and places you can live, in remote areas, to avoid much of the persecution. And from there you will be able to live and survive what is to come.

This is My will. Persecution hasn't been on My church in the western world for years and years and years. So many that they have forgotten what it is like.

But look at the first church in the Book of Acts. Was it not a church that met persecution daily? Was it not a church that met persecution every day of its life? And they grew in strength! Because when persecution comes the love of the world falls off; or they will revert to the world and deny Christ.

And when I have My people faithful to Me, not believing the world and the love of the world, then I will have strength in the church again. And miracles shall return. And powers shall come again, like it was in the days of old!

For the love of the world must be burned out of the church! So says the Lord God of heaven!



2000 10 15.1

Thus says the Lord, this day in this age is a comfortable day. But the days are coming in which My people, called by My Name shall be persecuted in great numbers.

Do not fear this day. This day is of My will. For in that day I will show forth My power in My people. I'll show forth My strength. For when that day comes, and by the time that day comes, I will have purged My people so that they have rebelled against the world that they live in, and will stand up for Jesus. Without blemish they shall stand, and I shall bless them, and bless them mightily. Signs and wonders will be done like never before. But it will be because of the purging of the world out of them, that they will be able to show forth these signs.

Make no mistake. The signs are held back because of the worldliness of My people.


2000 12 02.4

Thus says the Lord, repent and listen to the word of God. Note that there shall be persecutions arising in all places, throughout the United States and Canada, and through Europe these nations shall rise up in persecutions against My people. It shall purge the church. Those of Mine, that are truly Mine, who walk in the power and are committed to Me, they shall stand in this persecution no matter what it brings.

But listen to Me, and heed Me. For thus saith the Lord, I am God, and I am allowing this, for it shall purge My church. For there are many that shall quickly deny Me, shall quickly deny the truth, quickly revert to a world religion, shall quickly deny the power of the Word; they deny the truth of the Word. They shall quickly deny many things, and they shall become politically correct for the day and the age that they live. For they do not want to be in persecutions and they do not want to stand against the world—they love the world, and they are part of the world, and they were never part of Me. But they have a form of Godliness in the church, and they were in the church shining as christians and looking as christians in the outward appearance, but in their heart they were not of Me.

This shall purge the church and bring it to pass that I have said, I will split the sheep from the goats, that is My people from the world.


2001 03 03.1

Thus saith the Lord. Harken not unto the world and its ways. For those people who harken unto the things of the earth, they are of the spirit of this earth, which is the spirit of satan.

Those who harken unto me, saith the Lord, they are persecuted by the world. So the spirit of the world knows the Spirit of God and persecutes it.

Look not unto the world. So many of My people have looked unto the world, sought to be looked up to by the world. And they have missed it. For they have sought the things of the world and not the things of God.

Look unto Me, and know that the world will persecute you as you do so. But if you seek to be looked upon by the world as a good religion, or as someone who stands in good morality, or as someone who stands in truth, you shall be bitterly disappointed.

For the spirit of the world persecutes the Spirit of God wherever it finds it, saith the Lord.


2001 03 17.4

There are those who fear being persecuted, who fear suffering for Jesus. But I say, says the Lord, that great is the deliverance those people shall have in heaven. The greater they suffer here, the more they are rewarded there.

The early church understood this, says the Lord. They looked forward to having the privilege of being persecuted and suffering. Today they fear it and don’t understand it.

Here on this earth I test you. Those who are persecuted most and suffer the greatest are rewarded the greatest. And I shall reward them, and I shall greatly reward them, and make them a high call in My heaven, and in My new heaven and My new earth. For they shall be standing with Me as kings and priests, says the Lord God.


2001 04 11.2

For thus saith the Lord God of heaven. Great is My Name in the earth. Nevertheless, satan shall raise up a great people, and a great number of people, to fight against My people. They shall seek ways to persecute. Even in the nations of Canada and the U.S. they shall seek ways to persecute.

They shall come from within the organized churches, from without the organized churches, from any walk satan can find them. They shall fight against My people.

But satan shall not stand idly by while I raise up a great people seeking to promote the salvation of the Blood of the Lamb throughout the earth. He shall not stand idly by. He shall raise up a great stink, and a great noise, and move many to persecute My people.

But it is this noise that shall get more to notice them––that is, notice My people. And as they notice My people the message shall be sent forth even more so. And because of the persecution many more shall come into the fold of the Lamb of God receiving the salvation of the Blood of the Lamb. So says the Lord.


2001 11 04.1

For thus saith the Lord. There is a time coming when persecution shall rise greatly against My people. It shall rise at the same rate that the fight against crime shall rise and the fight against terrorism.

When this time comes stand fast in My Word. Do not deny Me. For they will equate terrorism and crime with those fanatics who believe that God speaks to them, prophesies; and for those who listen to the prophets they shall be equated with the prophets, and shall be persecuted along with them.

Do not stand in fear. For throughout this time I will be with you, and I will protect you, and I will lead you, and I will guide you. These days are not far off. The times of easy living are over for My people. Now you need to stand up for My Word, you need to stand up for your God, and you need to stand in the midst of a world against you. So says the Lord.


2002 10 26.1

For thus says the Lord. Coming will be a day in which discrimination and persecutions against My uncompromising people will grow to frightening proportions. There shall come in both Canada and the U.S. a persecution that will never be equalled in these two countries.


Never before will the people be so strong against those who call themselves by My name and hold the Bible as the true and uncompromising Word of God. Never before will there be such power against My people.

But during this time My people will rise up in the strength of their Lord and do might works and deeds. For this will be the time of true revival, and I will be in their midst, says the Lord.



2002 10 26.2

For in the days to come there will arise a great persecution against My people, the Jews. They will be hurt and beaten by those who will blame them for the world’s troubles.



2003 05 19.1

I am come to protect and comfort My people. I am come, says the Lord, to comfort My people.

For there is coming a great time of trial and temptation, and many christians will turn and fight against their brothers because of the turmoil and trouble of the day. There is coming a great time of trial in which many will be persecuted and many will turn from the truth to a lie to avoid persecution.

But those who turn against Me, says the Lord, will be lost. Those who turn not against me, but stand wholly before Me, will be protected in the day of trouble.