Thomas Gibson – Canada 

1994 10 05.1

This is the word of the Lord concerning Canada.

I have dealt with this nation for far too long. I have been patient with it to repent of all her actions against My will. For far too long I have turned My will to hold back judgment on this country. It is no longer possible that I will hold back My desire to scourge and punish this nation for its evil and its desire to go its own way.

This nation has developed its system of evil with no desire to repent or turn from their sin. It is a rare thing to find a people in this country who are committed to the work of the Lord or even someone who will stop and listen to the Lord and what He has to say. All I ask is that you stop and listen to what I have to say, and then do it! All I wish for is a people who will do as I ask. I have your best interest at heart, not your worst! I desire to bless you, not curse. I do not know any evil in My ways! I will not turn you to some way which is not right or not in keeping of My promises in My Word. I keep My promises that I have stated in My Word. I will never let them become unfulfilled! I said I died for your sins, and I did! I said I took the stripes for your sickness and I did! I will not turn any of My promises to no effect!

Now! Now! Now! Turn from your ways to My ways, says the Lord. I know what is best for you and what you need before you know or can ask for it! I will never let you slip into a place of not having your needs met! This is the way it should be. But as long as you will not listen to My Word, and not obey it when you hear it, I will not, not, not bless you in your sin!! Now is the time to repent, and I will bless you in the midst of the judgment that I will pronounce on this country.

This country of late has had severe financial problems. People have turned to this solution, to that solution, and to other solutions, without any success.

At first there will be some success in converting the enormous debt of this nation—to reducing it somewhat. But I will not let this happen to any length. This country will go down in a sea of debt! No longer does this nation have My blessing! I will not bless it in its iniquity!

So, let Me lead those who will follow Me, to a new understanding of what it means to belong to Christ. I am sending a great persecution on My church. It will come because I will stop holding back the demons who have long, very long, desired to destroy this My people. In this time you will be given a great anointing to withstand this evil. This great anointing is already coming and in some ways is beginning to trickle to the body of believers that I have, but they have not been aware of it, because they have been to much in the flesh, and not in the Spirit!

Those who will spend the time to walk in the Spirit, by fasting and praying before Me on a consistent basis, WILL learn to walk in the Spirit. Those who will not learn to fast and pray will have EXTREME trouble when this persecution comes. Sad to say that most of My church will be the ones that do not fast and pray, but have trouble in times of persecution!

Now, this will all be, but I do not desire that anyone should be left out of the fold of God! Those who are left out of the fold of God, do so of their own selfish will! Those who leave the church—the holy church, the ones who are doing the will of the Lord—will be lost because of their own selfishness and corruption of the worldly system! It is not My will for this to happen, but it is My will for them to be saved even as those who are in the Spirit are saved! But alas, it shall not be, because they have not chosen a wise way, but a selfish way!

So, therefore I shall turn My back on this country of Canada and I shall bury it in a sea of mire, of iniquity debt, evil corruption in high places; and eventually to its total destruction.  For I shall remove this country of even being in existence. So I have said it, so I shall do it. This nation shall not exist any more!

Now shall I give this nation to the ones who at least in part will hold to some of My will, to a few of My ways, to a some degree a holiness in the church, that is, to the nations of the United States of America. Not only will I give this nation to the U. S., but I will turn every way to see that it is destroyed in a manner that is well pleasing to its evil neighbour who desire its destruction!

So you see that in this way this nation shall be judged in a complete and total manner. Now, do not become an evil desire in this nation, but a holy one to the Lord. For I will do this:

1. I will turn My heart and My blessings to those who will turn completely to My will!

2. I will submit to their holy desires that they will have, for I will give you the desire of your hearts!

3. I will never again place you in a place where you will have to go and serve another king besides the one that is in control of all things. I am The King!!! I will turn all things to the Lord.

There is coming a time when no one will be able to say there is evil amongst us. No one will say that, because there is coming a time when no evil will be on this world and its system, which I created. Remember I created this world to be holy and perfect! I will not fail in this!! There will be a time of a new earth and a new heaven, a time of perfection!!



1995 02 25.1

This is the word of the Lord concerning the future of the country of Canada. I will not be dismayed over the passing of this country. It has not walked in My ways or in My things that I have called it to do. If I were to look on this country with compassion it would not be a holy thing to do! It has walked in sin continually. How can I then look on it with any compassion at all? This time I will judge the nation of Canada till it no longer will exist.

I have already judged this nation with a debt load it cannot handle. This is the beginning of sorrows for this country. It can no longer consider itself a prosperous country. It can no longer consider itself a blessed country. It has been under judgment of the Lord for some time. But when I judge further, I will take apart this nation one piece at a time with the nation of Quebec being the first piece to go.

This will not, at first, be the great judgment; it is on Quebec, but it will not walk in any sinfulness in this separation from the country of Canada. It's sin is in its rebellion to the Holy One of God.  It can not stand by itself and will fall a great fall!

From that time, the time of the removing of Quebec as part of this country of Canada, I will change My outlook on this nation, and judge it even more severely. It will have a great increase in the crime of violence in the streets, especially where the nations of Indians are. There will also be a great increase in taking the government for a financial evil windfall by not paying taxes and by not declaring income. This will get worse over a period of time. It will not get better in spite of the work of many officials to try and cope with the situation.

The national debt will get gradually worse. While many will say they are bringing the problem under control, it will get worse. At times they will bring down the deficit, but only to have it bring no more solution than other feeble attempts. The national debt will continue to grow till politicians will no longer take any serious ideas of trying to control the debt, but rather, will try to come up with a convincing lie to tell the people about how they will bring it under control at some future date, only to then come up with more reasons why they are being so slow bring the problem under control, and still more excuses why they cannot do anything about this.  This will go on till the nations debt today looks like a simple problem to solve. Canada's nation currency will suffer greatly due to this problem on the exchanges of the world, but it will, at the beginning, bounce back for a short period of time. Later however, it will take some serious pounding and remain at some all time lows.  This will bring politicians to the news media to observe that they are doing what they can and that a low currency situation isn't necessarily bad, but the situation will remain very serious.

In My judgment of this country I will never allow it to have a balanced budged for the remainder of the life of this country. Quebec will suffer serious problems financially till it can no longer cope with the situation. As these things occur, the nation of Quebec will suffer serious violence in its street and in its reserves (Indian). I will allow this to occur as I allow these people there evil desires.

Those of My people who will listen to Me, observe My ways, do My commands in their life, will be spared this trouble in their personal lives. They will be told to do specific things that will protect them from this trouble. Those of My people who will not listen to My word, who do not walk in My ways, but play religious games, will suffer seriously, in some cases, the problems that the rest of the nation has to live with because of My judgment.

Now all this will be done to relay the message that I will not tolerate My world being torn apart with sin. Those nations who choose to walk in sin will suffer the judgment of it. I will no longer be as tolerant of sin as I was in the past. Nations have risen against nations in the past but now I choose to rise against nations such as Canada, who will not repent! I choose this because I will judge the world both now and at the day of judgment which will come at its appointed time. This nation of Canada cannot survive My judgment, but, I will be lenient on those that will not fight against the kingdom of God. Those that will say, I have not walked upright before the Lord, but have walked in sin: those will be spared much of the judgment. You will be able to look at the nation and see which areas of Canada do serve Me to some degree, by looking at what areas I protect and what areas I judge more harshly!

Now as to the time of this prophecy, I will bring it all to pass over a period of days, weeks, and years, even to dragging it out over several decades. It will not occur over night, and I will bring lesser judgment to areas that have some repentance, says the Lord God Almighty.



1995 09 02.1

This is the word of the Lord concerning the separation of Quebec from Canada. I have anointed this spirit of separation that is filling the heart and mind of Quebec. They have not followed after My Word, My Spirit, My holiness, in spite of My having led them to the knowledge of such things—they have rejected it.  So therefore I will send in a much more strong way of the spirit of separation so that they will separate and suffer the financial problems that will come with it.

This separation will not come at the vote scheduled for later this year. It will rather come from a decision made at a later time. This vote scheduled in 1995 will turn down the separation, but by a smaller margin than the last vote. This I am doing to bring about a slow division among the people of Canada.

They will see this division show up in several ways. First, there will be financial problems caused from the vote that will be close enough to separation that it will make the financial community nervous. Second, there will be a change in the attitude of the people of Canada, that will say: just let them go! Third, there is going to come a movement into the country of Canada that will make it look good to Quebec to separate from this nation.



1997 07 01.1

For this is the word of God: there shall come in the days ahead, a strong word of judgment upon this land (Canada) that shall turn it again toward the things of the Lord.

But first, there shall be judgment upon this land for its sin. They have gone after the things of this earth, seeking to gain the whole worldly goods that they can have. But I say, says the Lord, there shall come a great wrathful time of God upon them, that they learn to repent and turn from their wicked way.

Then and only then will I turn this land back into a blessing. Till the repentance (a true repentance from the heart) comes, there will be a will of God to curse this land with the following three things:

1. There will be a spirit of separation. Quebec shall be first, but there shall come other separation movements to separate the land.

2. There will be an economic judgment upon it.

3. There will be spirits of separation from God, which come from the devil, upon this land that will turn it toward godless things—and they will reap the rewards of what they sow!



1998 04 28.1

This country of Canada is not so holy as some might have thought.  For it has sifted out the things of God, kept the things of satan within itself. It has kept the evil and taken out the good. It has left God and turned to the devil.

I say to this country, it shall come under greater judgment than that of the U.S. for its sin before Me, because it has so greatly turned against the things of the Lord, so greatly turned against the things of heaven, that it can no longer stand before Me without coming under great wrath and great judgment.


2000 05 17.1

This morning as I was in prayer and had my eyes closed I could see a man standing in knee deep water. Suddenly the water rose quickly to about his chest. As the waters rose I could see his face more clearly, and he appeared either unconscious or dead.

Then the Lord spoke and said, It will choke off the man and kill it.

Then the Lord also said that the waters are the finances and debts which will choke of this man which is Canada.



2003 06 17.2

[An Ontario Court has ruled that homosexuals may marry, and the Federal Government is planning legislation to make this legal all across the country.]

As Canada moves toward sanctioning homosexual marriages, I will move, says the Lord, to judge the nation for sanctioning perversions. I created marriage not to be torn apart and not to be perverted.


2004 07 1.1

Thus says the Lord. I Am says that Canada will go into judgment. While Quebec will again turn to separation, much of the rest of Canada will go into the ways of satan. Judges shall push the homosexual agenda forward and this will hasten the judgments to come.

Stand and know that those who will stand for the Lord Jesus Christ will go forward into persecutions, but also blessings of the Lord. They will stand for the Word and many will be against them. But I will stand for them in these trying times.

Besides the homosexual agenda much sin will go forth. This new government will move in many ways to defend the “rights” of various people––meaning gay marriage and other perversions––but also stand against God’s Word and God’s ways. Therefore there shall be judgment against Martin personally. I will judge him because of the wickedness of his pro-homosexual agenda. So says the Lord.


11.05.2021 10:40

Jean Paul Halsberghe