Thomas Gibson – Deceptions


1997 06 01.1

For those of My Spirit, they seek the ways of God. Those who follow after My Spirit, seek the ways of God.

But there are many who do not seek My Spirit, rather they seek the manifestations of the Spirit and they get led away into the things of signs and wonders, some from Me and some not.

Beware of those who do not seek truly the Spirit of God, but rather seek the signs, the wonders, the miracles. In a selfish way they seek them and they are not truly seeking after My Word and My will.


1997 07 04.1

Thus says the Lord God, there is coming a world wide revival; much greater than you have seen.

And for many purposes it shall look like a revival sent from the word of the Holy Ghost.

HOWEVER, thus says the Lord, it will be NOT of Me. It will be people who seek the Word, but only in a selfish manner. It shall not be like the Toronto Blessing. It shall have different errors about it. It will not be the same thing, but it shall come and it shall take over much of the world as you know it. People will change and seek after this new revival.

But rather than seek at the strange words and manifestations—rather seek peace or seek Me for I shall reveal truth and honesty and holiness unto My people, who will not be deceived, says the Lord.


1997 11 13.1

Thus says the Lord, beware and know that there are people in the midst of revival that seek to pervert it. They are messengers, not of the Lord, but of the devil himself. They seek to pervert My revivals. They seek to pervert My Word. And they seek to pervert My power.

These people have sought, from the inside of My church, to destroy it from within. But I, says the Lord, I am the One who shall go forth with My mighty hand and they shall fall.

For I am going to weed out of My church those who are in evil, and those who are not right with the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. I will turn not My hand aside from against them until I have utterly destroyed them.

Look fast into what is to come. Soon, soon, soon, I will turn not aside from putting My hand against those who have sought to pervert My revivals. For I will purify My church, and I will raise up a church that is without spot and it is without wrinkle.


1999 08 31.1

For there are those who say that the time has come for all judgments; and many false prophets have gone out.

And they have said: this is the time, all these judgments shall come. Some are saying by the end of this year, and some by next. But don't believe the false prophets, says the Lord.

Note the word: some shall come now, some shall come next year, some shall come years after that, and years after that.

This is not a quick thing. For little by little, and piece by piece, shall judgments come. This is not going to be something that will occur in one or two years.

Harken and listen, and take this warning to heart! While I do, says the Lord, sometimes, on rare occasions, give a date or time limit, it is not a common thing. I don't give you specific dates in the norm. Most of the time I give you the SEASONS of which you are walking in—the SEASON of which is to come, so that you shall know the type of things that you will face. And you will not be surprised and not prepared for them.

But listen, and be careful of those who are standing on the mountains and hollering everything shall happen now! Everything shall happen this year! Or everything shall happen by next year!

For there is a time and season for everything. And many years shall come and go before all these judgments are fulfilled.


2000 08 12.2

The false prophet has gone forth seeking to make a name for himself, seeking to be held up in certain circles, seeking to be known, famous, or outlandish, to be heard, and to be looked upon.

But listen, listen hard! For the word of God gives forth a true prophet: one of humility, one of submission, to everything that is of God.

Beware and know. For the false has gone forth to deceive, even in the churches. So says the word of the Lord.


2001 01 13.1

For thus says the Lord, look not to the false prophet for guidance. For there are many such false prophets. Listen to My Word, and look at My Word. How many are calling themselves to some great high calling? Are not many?

Many have called themselves to the prophet of Elijah. Many call themselves to the two witnesses. Many call themselves to some great high calling they find in scripture. But I am the Lord, and when I call someone, I will call them.

Look not to those who build themselves up in pride and seek to be some great known person, for they are the evil ones seeking to devour the sheep. For they are sheep not at all, not even a little bit. They may appear to be sheep, and they may be called sheep; but they are not! For they are wolves in sheep’s clothing, and I have warned you about this in My Word. I have stated this in My Word. And you know that there are such false prophets around.

But in this day and age––it’s a time of false prophets. They shall rise like never before. And satan shall use, through his various means, the false prophets, and the excesses of the false prophets, and the dangers of the false prophets to bring about a great persecution against My prophets and against My people.

So beware and know that you should spend your time in the Word of God seeking carefully what is true and what is false, comparing what you find in the Word to what you find in the world.

For in the world there is much falseness, and in the church there is much falseness. So be careful and be warned the time of the false prophets is rising up. And while there have been many in the past there’ll be much more in the future.

Beware of those people calling themselves, for how many Elijah’s have I called? Was there not one? How many, says the Lord? Do not be deceived. I have called only prophets to My Kingdom, apostles to My Kingdom, evangelists, pastors and teachers. But there are many that call themselves, who desire to be some great one, who listen to some evil spirit, and they themselves are deceived and deceive many. So says the Lord God.


2001 02 25.1

While in prayer this morning I could see in front of me, in my spirit, a sea of people coming toward me. However, I could not see faces, they seemed to be blocked out.

Then this word of God:

Thus saith the Lord, these are those who are truly saved, who seek My will (and not My ways to get themselves saved, as in fire insurance), but who seek My will and seek My ways to be saved to serve the Lord Jesus Christ, who seek to worship Me, who seek to bow down to the great God of the universe, the God of everything that has ever been made. These people know the truth, humble themselves, and obey the Word of God.

You see them coming, Thomas, from afar. Where they come from is important. They come out of the world religions, seeking the prophet, seeking the apostle, seeking those of God to lead them. I am placing such apostles and prophets in the world today. I am placing them to guide My people and to lead them.

But there is a trouble. The trouble is that there are many false apostles and many false prophets gone forth to deceive. For satan has perceived what is going on. Deception is his game, and he is going forth to deceive. Pray, therefore, that the people will know the true from the false, that they will have revealed to them what is of God and what is not.

Hear this word and know that the times of My people coming out of the religions of man are here. You stand at the doors. You shall see this occur. And when it occurs I am preparing to lead My people, not unto a great new religion, but unto a great power in the streets, a great power in the cities, a great power wherever they go. And the days of miracles––such as when I was on this earth, saith the Lord––they are here again.

This is the end time church. This is the church that shall walk in the end times, that shall bring people to the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is what is coming, saith the Lord.


2002 10 20.1

For thus says the Lord.

I am that I am. All those who look toward the eyes of man for their guidance shall now receive the prophets that they have sought. They shall see and believe the false prophets that have gone into the world.

For thus says the Lord. Those who dwell in the thinking and lusts of the world will be drawn into the sins of the false prophets. Do not despise this word. For the Lord will give unto the sinner the evils of his heart until it is time for the wrath of God.


2003 07 19.1

Thus saith the Lord. There is a word that is given to you who listen to the prophet: that is, be obedient not to man’s word, but to God’s Word. Anything that contradicts the Word of God is simply wrong! Therefore, know what all of the Bible says. Do not listen to anything else which is contrary to it. Do not listen to even this prophet if he says something contrary to God’s Word.

Listen and know that God has always been the same. Many will come and say we have heard from God, but say a word that contradicts the Bible. Do not listen to such. God is never wrong. I have never changed and will never change.

Power comes only through seeking Jesus, and fasting and prayer. Those who seek power do so at their peril, for I never commanded you to seek power, but rather to seek Me and you will find power; for power comes only through the Lord Jesus. So says the Word.


2003 09 28.1

Thus says the Lord. I am says to all who belong to Me, seed sowing––witnessing––is your call. It is everyone’s call.

I am perplexed by the amount of gossip over My seers. They all gossip about one another and almost everyone gossips about them. Who is right? Who shall we believe? Who is doing what in secret?

You all are worried about being deceived by the false prophet. But I say, says the I am, that if you would spend the time that you worry about deception, and the time you gossip about My prophets, in prayer and fasting I would have shown you who is telling the truth!! Spend time before Me in reading the Word, fasting and prayer; and you will be lead by the Spirit and you will be protected by My might. So says the Lord.