Thomas Gibson – Wrath


1997 10 02.1

Thus says the Lord God of all the universe.

Coming are the days in which men shall cry out, "save me." But I will not save them, because they sought the gods of this earth, and not the true most Holy God of all.

Following these days shall be great wrath upon the land. Then, and only then, shall you see the coming of the Son of Man.

For these are the days (now) that are the preparation of the times to come. Those who will follow what I have told them to do, shall walk through this time of evil upon the earth. They shall not know the evil, though it be on this side, on that side, and indeed all around. They shall not be touched by it, because they have sought the true most Holy God of all.



1998 03 03.1

These days are final days which are to be, says the Lord. These days are the final days which are to be. Look forward to the coming changes, judgments, and wrath of God.

For as the wrath descends, those of My people, who will not stand fast in My word, but look at the flesh, worry, be shaken, will themselves be shaken by the Spirit of God, to wake up and learn to stand, not on their own two feet, but with Jesus. For I will lift you up, I will lift you up, I will lift you up, says the Lord, I will lift you up.

Never has there been a time in the earth, such as is to come, and such as is beginning at this time.

Change not from the ways of the Lord. Stand fast in the word. Many of you will lose things of this earth, but do not be disheartened, for the things of this earth are so temporal.

If you could see it from My viewpoint, you would understand that nothing in this earth COUNTS AT ALL, except what you do for the Lord. What I call you to do, that do, and be obedient. For the King of Kings is here.

You are just entering the time of the wrath of God. Just beginning to enter into this. In years to come you shall enter strongly into this. Look forward to it, for the Spirit and the power of God on you shall be stronger than its ever been in your entire life, and than its ever been since sin has come into this earth. IT WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN!

Satan will fight like never before and I will strengthen My people like never before. Stand fast. Know the Word. Do not be deceived, for many, many false prophets have gone out into this earth to deceive many. Many false preachers have gone out, preaching to tickle the ears of the churched of My people.

Hear not the word of those who walk to tickle your ears. For when you come to the Spirit of God, He will be honest. If you need to repent, you will know, for He will convict you of your sin.

And as you repent and turn away from your sin, a great joy and a great power shall be upon you to protect you, to guide you, to lead you, to bless you.

Hear the word in this hour. Gone are the days in the past when I will allow My church to be flesh filled, and like the earth. I will remove them from those ways. THOSE WAYS SHALL NEVER BE IN MY CHURCH AGAIN, says the Lord!!


1998 03 09.1

For I am coming, says the Lord. But many of you, rather than seek to serve Me, seek to look for Me.

Why? Why do you seek to look for Me? I did not say that you should seek to look for Me, but seek to know and believe that I am coming, and to look forward to My coming, and you shall see Me come.

But, in the meantime, be busy serving, says the Lord, seeking what you can do for Me, seeking to be a witness, seeking to be a power in your community, seeking to be a witness, seeking, seeking to serve.

For in this you shall find the blessings of heaven open up and pour upon you, says the Lord.


1998 03 29.1

Thus says the Lord, forever there has been a life in this universe: and it is Me, says the Lord. There has always been a time for the judgment of the wicked. You have now entered into the year of 98, and during this year you will begin to see the wrath and judgment of God poured out among mankind.

In the years to follow it shall become greater and greater. Some of it will come very suddenly, and some of it not so suddenly.

Now all things that this earth trusts in will be trod under by the Lord God of Heaven till there is only one thing to trust in, and that is the true God of all.

The gods this world serves, (the money, the technology), everything that they have lived for, built up and stood for, I shall trod down, says the Lord. For the time has come for judgment to fall.


1998 04 03.1

For thus says the Lord God, there is a falseness in the spirits of the churches. For they are not the Spirit of Me, but the Spirits of Heaven do not lie, but the spirits of hell do.

There are spirits of hell—demons—seeking to deceive the churches. They have sent forth yes prophecies that will agree that you can love the earth, the things of the earth, and the pride, the love of money, and the evils of this earth. They have sent forth such words to deceive even My people.

Now hear Me, says the Lord, there is a time which you must not be deceived in: this is that time. There is a time you must not be deceived in: this is that time. There is a time you must not be deceived in: this is that time. You cannot go on and believe the falseness of the words that have gone forth from some of My so-called prophets.

Some of them were, and turned to the evil because they wanted to be tingled, they wanted a word when I would give no word, they wanted to be looked up to, and raised up, and put on a pole, and looked up to, and almost worshipped as a prophet before Me. AND I WILL HAVE NONE OF THAT EVIL!!!

And yet many churches will do this. They'll applaud them, and they'll bow down and say, "Yes, we have our prophet in our midst." And as long as that prophet will say the right things, they will be glad of him.

But I do not prophecy this way, says the Lord. For My people and My prophets will speak My Word. This is a time of wrath and judgment! Also a time of salvation, and glorious times!

For those who would put aside the sins of the earth, those who would put aside the lusts of the flesh, those who would put aside all things to seek Me, says the Lord, they will be in the glorious times. For even though the world shall come apart, even though there shall be false prophecies, and even though there shall be evil round about them, even persecution to death around them, yet I will raise them up, a standard high unto the heavens, so that they will walk in My will, do what I want; and satan, try as he will, will not stop them, because they are My people, empowered by My Spirit; and beyond anything of your measure in this time, they will do.

You are so close to the wrath of God falling on these nations of the earth. You are so close to it. And yet, when it comes many shall say, "Oh, must it be." But rather you shall say, "Yes, let it be. Let the judgment of God come. Let it happen."

For it is at this time you shall see miracles. As persecution raises itself up against My people, I shall raise up in great power. You shall see the dead raised. You shall see the dead come back to life in front of your eyes if you'll walk with me. This time is coming.

And it is being held back, for the test of the earth. And I have tested many in the earth. And they have tested to satan and evil and evil—even in My churches they have tested evil. I have put them to the test and they have sought the things of the earth. They look to the things of the earth for an answer. They have not looked to Me.

And yet, there are those that have. Everywhere you look you will find, a few here, and a few there, and sometimes many, that will seek Me beyond anything else. They care not for the things of this earth, but they care about the will of the Lamb. And for them I shall be powerful unto them.

When the world comes apart, and things are not going right, and people are having a horrible time, they shall walk through this time, blessed and prosperous, because I will meet their every need no matter what! Any miracle it takes, I will do it, because they have a heart toward Me, so I shall have a heart toward them.

But those who have walked in evil and in the sins, (that I have commanded are sins in My Word), those, unless they repent, shall walk in wrath and judgment, even though they are part of My church, for they have departed from My Word! And they have said, "Lord, Lord," but I say, "I do not know you." For they have sought the evil of this earth. They have sought all forms of it. And I say, "No More!!" For I will purify My Church. And those that come under wrath, come under wrath. And those that come under blessing, come under blessing.

CHOOSE YOU YOUR SIDE!! For there is no difference between the world and those in My churches who say, "Lord, Lord," and refuse to serve Me. They are all sinners in like fashion. But those who will say, "Lord, Lord," and bow and humble themselves, and obey My Word, and seek My will, and obey it above all things, not caring what people think, not caring about the world around them, not caring about anything, save the will of the Lord, those, those I shall raise up a power that shall not be reckoned with in this earth. There'll be nothing that will equal it. They shall be strong in all ways.

You shall not begin to understand this now, but when you see it come to pass you will understand, this was prophesied, this is coming to pass. And a great power shall come like never before.

Hear this word, it is a warning to repent. It is a warning to seek carefully, in prayer before God, whether you stand correct; or are being pulled by the lusts of this earth into sin, and you're calling it "the will of God." Be careful what you call My will.

Seek: do you seek the things of this earth? Do you constantly seek to be blessed by the things of this earth? Do you seek: just your needs met, by the will of the Lord? Do you seek the things of God first? What is a priority in your life? Are you being caught up in the new houses, and the new cars, and the new this, and the new that, just to have something new? Is that your goal? Or have you sought the will of the Lord, and are going about your Father's business?


2000 03 22.1

There is coming a time of judgment and wrath, which I have determined to be. For it is time to change this lax time in which sin is allow to go unpunished. For the sins of this place have come up before me and I have stated that I will listen to this sin no more. They have wholly gone after there own wishes and desires, so therefore they will have judgment. Look in the Bible and see if this is not the case! There has always been judgment after that sin is allowed to continue for a season! Remember that! Sin is not allowed to go on forever! It must be punished in its season!


2001 04 24.1

For thus says the Lord. Here this word of My commandment through many of My prophets. There is coming a time when I will send forth much judgment on this earth.

During this time, anything that you have prepared––which did not come from Me, but from your own design––will fail. All such plans cannot work. They have the design of yourself, and not one of Me.

But those designs and plans which I give to My people––they shall work. They shall be different wherever you go and whoever you see of My people. They will be given at the time I wish them to accomplish what I say, and then, if they are obedient, they shall do the things which I tell them.

This is so that those who will listen and obey the Spirit of God will be protected and blessed during this time. Those who will listen to the spirit of the flesh, the spirit of religion––they shall not be protected at this time.

Hear and know that I have spoken. For what is to come is a judgment on all those who will not obey the Spirit of God. Those who will listen and obey shall be protected on an incredible scale. For whatever comes, I will perform any and all miracles necessary for their protection. So says the Lord God.