Thomas Gibson – 3. World War


1995 04 02.2

This is the word of God for the new move of the Spirit which shall occur after the war years. This war shall occur in the next several decades and will be a few years in length. At this time I have chosen to allow this war because of the evil that is occurring in this nation and the one to the south. Canada and the USA have walked partly in My will. They have not walked before Me in the way I would prefer. They have sought out ways to stay in the flesh and not walk with Me, says the Lord of Host. I desire a nation that walks before me, therefore I will do the following. I will bring about a system of problems that will  result in a third world war. This will bring My people, the ones who walk after the flesh and not after the Spirit, to stay before Me in the Spirit and in prayer. It is because of this Spirit of repentance, that I will make a great power out of this My people.

They will begin to lose that earthly interest, they will begin to lose that fleshly tie they have with the world, they will begin to say, "it is the Lord, we can do anything that God wants us to!" For this reason, they will become giants in the land. They will be strengthened in the Spirit, and a strong move of the Lord will begin to move in real strength and power of God.

Then you will begin to see that the leadership of the church, the ones I have put in control, will dedicate themselves to the things of the strength of the Spirit; for I have spoken this, says the Lord of Hosts.

You will start to see. as this progresses, the people, those who have been born again for a few days or years, says the Lord, they will do the miracles; such as lifting up of Spiritual power for the world to see. They will raise the dead. They will stand and lay hands on the sick, and arms will be renewed, eyes will see—strength of the power of God. This will be seen by all, and some will believe and walk in the newness of the Spirit of God.

This is My will for all time. But it will take a war, a disaster, for My people to walk with Me in the Spirit of God the way they should. I have a few that do this now, but I must  have all walk in this powerful way if I am to take the gospel to all the world in power and strength, says the Lord God of all.



1995 12 07.1

I, the Lord your God, do require of you a repentance for your sins. It has not been forth coming, but rather I have been led down the garden path of repentance of a fake nature. I, the Lord your God, require a repentance of a true nature. One that does not mean you return to the things of evil that have plagued you in the past. I require of you a change in the heart: to not go after the evil, to not change your ways on the surface and claim that I am being served when you won't even spend an hour a day with Me, you won't spend an hour in prayer, an hour in repentance, an hour in service to Me, an hour in praise. You are so caught up in this earth, and this earth's things, that you will not spend any time with Me, your Creator!

You must repent a repentance that is true, is just, is real!! You cannot stand before the judgment throne and claim that you have served Me, because deep in your own heart you know you have saved yourself from hell in only a form of godliness, that is, unrighteous in its evil way. You who claim to repent, stand and show yourself approved unto God, unto holiness, unto prayer, unto righteousness, unto the ways of God, unto the only right way of the Lord.

You will not do this because you will not have the ways of God, when they will cause you to be laughed at. What is that to the Kingdom of God!! What is that to the ways of the Lord!! What do you think is going to be your answer in the heavens before the throne of Jesus! You will not have any answer!!!!

So thus says the Lord. In a few years from now, you will be impaled on the brink of war. It will come with very little warning. I shall bring this war down upon you who think you can serve the world, and claim to serve Me, saith the Lord!!

In the year of 2005 you will have yet to see this war. But it will then be but a few moments in time, by the Spirit, till you will see it. It is close, it is coming, and no one can say, "I will hold it back, I will put a stop to it." I, the Lord, have made a decision to judge the evil hearts of the people, and I will do it!

So it will be, that I have now spoken the year in which I will hold it back to: but by the year 2010 it will have come upon you!!

Now listen to this, that I will bring it down upon you in the following way . I will never leave My people unguarded concerning the horrors of the war, but they will come into a knowledge and into a peace about serving Me in this time. I will protect them with a supernatural protection from the throne of God.

Now as this occurs, as the war progresses, and Russia takes heart to overthrow the entire world, I will put an end to it. I will see that the time will come that they, Russia, will loose this war, and be changed in their political agenda forever. Russia will become a major world wide country to bring My salvation to all of the earth!

So it will be, that this war will come to an end in this way. That by a new invention, that I will see comes to the USA, they will win this war. But this will NOT occur until they have repented for their sins! They must repent before I will turn the tide of the war to them. I will bring them to the brink of disaster, to the brink of destruction, to the brink of all out loss, before they will turn with their whole heart to Me, says the Lord.

So as these things occur, remember that I have foretold this in an accurate way. I have set up My prophets, My called ones that have been obedient to the Word of the Spirit, to the things of the Lord, to the ways of God—them have I called to take control of the situation of prophesying this prophecy to the world, to the USA, to all those who shall listen and obey the voice of God.

As My people will turn their hearts to Me in a total way, they will receive more power from above then they could ever dream about. This power will turn them into the holy ones that I have foretold in the "Ephesians book" of scripture, in the 4th chapter, in the 3rd to 15th verses. For I have said that they will walk in the faith, the one faith, not the divided faith, but the ONE faith!!! I am that faith, says the Lord God of Heaven. I am the one who you shall serve. Rise up into Christ the head!

As My people turn to the one faith, there will then come a persecution like has never been before in this earth, on this planet, in this time of the end—for it will start at the time of the end of the war. Satan will have fought for the destruction of this planet by first trying to take over the world through satanic influences in the country of Russia. But it shall not be.

This is one more situation to learn from. He, satan, is trying to take over the world, to raise up a world kingdom of himself, the evil one. So it shall be, that this will eventually occur, but not at this war. This war will be the war that will bring the sudden destruction, and realization that war is inevitable, and most dangerous, because it cannot be controlled in the earth.

As the people stay away from Me, so shall they be destroyed by their own evil lusts for power; and their destruction shall be in their own mouth.

Now as this war comes to an end, there will be another fear on this earth like has never been before. Yes, it has come before, but not in the way that it will come from, and to, this time. It will come from this earth's system, satan himself will go to those who will not walk in My ways, those who will not turn to Me.

I said there will come a time of heart's failing for fear. This will not be the time, but it will be a prelude to this time. The fear of war, which will rise up at this time, will be so strong that every politician will be overcome by this fear, and will try to appease the people with any kind of peace agreement, no matter how ridiculous it may seem. They will sign anything, as long as they can use it to convince the people war will never happen again. This is the tool satan will use to bring about total world power in one being, in one place, says the Lord God.

So as this will come to an end, the war years, there will come a new peace upon this earth for a very short time. This will be the true time of peace, peace. For they will shout it loud and long. They will shout it loud and long! They will shout it loud and long!! They will not only be afraid of the peace that is not to be, but they will be afraid of their own peace accords, because they will know deep down that their own peace accords will result in another world war!

This is not the end of all war, but rather the beginning of world war! It shall so be done, for their master, the devil, will see to it.

Those who will walk with Me will see a new agreement in this earth. The agreement of true peace accord that will be by My power, says the Lord. My power. My power! Not this earth's power, but by My power, says the Lord God of all!!



1995 12 09.1

This war that shall occur on America will be My judgment on it. Not to turn it to ruin, but to turn it to Me, says the Lord. I am the One who they must serve. I am the one who they must turn to. I am the one they must listen to. They have all gone after other gods; gods of lust, gods of pleasures of this life, gods of this worlds evil reign by satanic forces, gods of this money supply. (If they would not lust after the money by making it worth so much on the exchanges, I could change their system and they would no longer have the financial problems they have!!!).

These gods are now ruling the world. They are ruling the worlds system through their master, the evil one. Turn to Me, says the Lord God, and I will make you strong again. Stay with your evil, and I will judge a great judgment on you!

So you see that they will not turn, for I have said this war is coming to those who will fight against the kingdom of Heaven, and so it shall be. They have brought it on themselves. They have robbed themselves of the blessing of total service to Me. (The blessings I could have given them!!)

This war will, with all its total cruelty from the earth's point of view, finally bring about a true repentance and a true love for the things of God in those few who will turn to Me at the beginning of the war! Then those who will follow will make up a nation of true believers' with which I can work with. For the nation now consists of those who call themselves christians, but all those who truly serve Me in love and devotion could not be found except one in ten thousand!!

So you see, I must bring a judgment on them for their evil ways. There are those who will say, the God of the Bible is compassionate. The God of the New Testament is love, and not judgment. How can there be love, and not be judgment against the ones that refuse to accept that love?

There cannot be this sin of refusing My love shed on the cross for you, without a judgment on those who will not turn to this love.

Thus it must be that evil will be judged in this land of America!



1999 06 13.1

In this dream I could see myself working along side of a building. There was a road in front of this building and one on the side of it. I was working between the building and the side road, but quite close to the building.

As I worked, I had knowledge to be careful of gunfire, and yet I wasn't in the army. I was a civilian, working on some type of project with the building.

I could hear announcements coming from a radio, or perhaps some type of loudspeaker system, that warned of the coming of gunfire.

Then I could hear gunfire starting and coming closer. I ran quickly  behind the building and lay on the ground in a low spot. I stayed there as the gunfire came closer. It was coming from a vehicle driving down the main road, firing out the side as they drove. Bullets went over my head as they passed. I kept low as they drove down the main road, still firing, until they were out of site.

After they passed, I got up and looked around. No one else was there, so I went back to work. It seemed unusual, but not out of place for this to occur.

I woke up.

Then the Lord said this. There is war and bloodshed coming to this continent of North America.



1999 06 13.3

The Lord spoke to me Saturday about going down south of Bodo (Bodo is a small hamlet about 125 kilometers south of Lloydminster near the Alberta/Saskatchewan boundary) on sunday.

Sunday morning I headed down to Bodo, just over an hours drive. It was on this trip that the Lord gave me the prophecy number 1999 06 13.2. I recorded it, as I usually do, on microcassette, to be typed into the computer later.

Just before reaching Bodo, the Lord said to go 5 miles (8 km) south of the hamlet. I set the odometer reading to zero as I passed the Bodo corner. As I was travelling south of Bodo the Lord spoke take the next left after the 5 miles.

When coming to the 5 mile limit, but just before, there was a road to the left. I was unsure of whether to turn here or later. I stopped on the exact 8 kilometers and prayed to the Lord about where to turn. He told me to go on farther to the next left. This turned out to be 15.9 kilometers south of Bodo.

As I turned left the Lord told me to go 4 miles (6.4 km) on this road. The road went 3 miles east, and then turned south for a mile. My odometer read 22.5 kilometers, just over 4 miles. Here again the Lord told me to go left.

As I turned I was instructed to go to the top of the hill I could see in the distance. There was a spread of a few trees there that helped mark the spot. The road wound back and forth through a low area, ending up turning left (north). Then as it climbed the hill I had to take a right (east) to continue up the hill. It turned several times and ended up on another road where I turned left (north) for a about 1/2 mile, and then turned right (east). Just near this corner there was a country church by the name of St. Donatus Catholic Church. A few hundred feet more and I reached the top of the hill. My odometer read 31.5 kilometers. I am not sure, but I think I was passed the boundary at this point, into the province of Saskatchewan—perhaps just a mile or so passed it.

God then instructed me to get out of my car. As I walked around up there on the hill by the side of the road, God spoke and said this was the first place where east and west will meet in military conflict in the air.



2001 11 04.2

For thus saith the Lord. The oil industry will become a target of the terrorists. In days to come they will make major places a target for them to hit.

Terrorism in Canada and in the United States will not go away until after I have brought about the Russian-Chinese invasion. And when this occurs there will be much greater problems on this continent. For thus saith the Lord. Under no conditions will I allow Canada and the U.S. to be a relaxed and safe nation again until it completely and totally repents of its sinful ways and its rebellion against God.

Thus saith the Lord. This will come to pass, although many will say this cannot be, yet you shall see it in the very near future. For thus saith the Lord, nothing, but nothing that I say can fail except the people repent and I will turn from My judgment and begin to bless the nation again. So says the Lord God.



2002 04 28.1

Thus says the Lord, My hands are tied concerning judgment. For if the people will not repent, and the sins are so many that they have come up before Me for judgment: then judgment shall occur! There is only the repentance of the people which can stop it. But Americans have not turned away from the sins which they have been so filled with. Therefore I am going to rain judgment upon them.

Now you will see some judgment, and then more. And some of it will be very severe; and some of it will be very hard to withstand. Yet it shall come stronger and stronger until the day I bring war on American soil. At that time and in that day America shall fall a great fall––down to third world nation level––and I shall have judged that nation.

Unless it repents all these things must occur. So says the Lord.