Thomas Gibson – Church


1994 10 01.1

For I am your God and I am changing the way things are in My body. I am no longer supporting those individuals who will not repent and confess their sins!! I will remove those individuals from My Body and find those who will make a total commitment to Me.

Therefore, you will find that in the coming years, I will be allowing those opposed to the church to come and attack the things I have set up. Those who are standing on the foundation of The Rock Christ Jesus will withstand the force of this persecution. Those who are standing for religion and church form will fall!!

I can not any longer stand the sin that is present in the church!! I will not put up with the evil that is done in My name!! Therefore there will be persecutions! There are those that will say that the persecution comes from the devil, but no, I have sent it by allowing demons, formerly held back by My angels, to now move more freely to persecute My church to see who is holy and who is worldly!

I will no longer support those who will not repent. Therefore, repent and turn to the Lord in a complete way so that I can bless you and turn your troubles to blessings and prosperity!

For I do not wish My people to suffer from sickness or any evil of this world. That is not My will!  Therefore I came and died—took stripes for healing that you may be healed! But My people are not walking according to the Spirit, but according to the flesh. You cannot reap the rewards of the Spirit in the flesh. It does not work!

There are so many people searching for an answer to life, to The Answer, Jesus, that cannot find it because the church, My church will not walk in My ways!! I will not tolerate this any longer.

Do you think those in the past who have had their sins exposed to the world happened because of coincidence, or because satan got lucky? No! I allowed this to take place.  I even worked at it so that it would take place! It is My desire to see all of My church in holiness so that the world will see the answer to life in My body, the church!

No longer will there be any lack of glory, caused by flesh and sin, but rather a joyous power of the Holy Spirit in My church!

Now listen and let yourselves observe the order of the Lord. I do not these things to destroy My church, but to purged it from sin and worldliness, which is its destruction! Then shall I have a glorious church, says the Lord!

So as you see the sins purged from the church, do not change your attitude to the ways of the Lord. They are perfect! They will result in the glory of God!! So you see that the ways of God are not past finding out to those that walk after the Spirit and not after the flesh.  As I said in the book of Romans, in the eleventh chapter, that My ways are unfathomable, but here I show you My ways before it has come to pass.

Now in the days that are to come many will say that the time of destruction has arisen, or that the time of persecution has come, but no, this is for yet a far off time as measured in years. There will be a beginning of these things at this time, but the fullness of the persecution will come only after many years and will be so strong that those who doubt or play religious games will not be able to stand. Only those who walk FULLY in the Spirit will stand and be whole.


1995 03 11.2

I, the Lord, have looked throughout the earth to find people dedicated to Me.  People that would completely sell out to Me, people who would not play the game of the world, but rather they would look to Me for a guidance of their ways and of their decisions. Such people I would make My top officials in this world, but I have found few, says the Lord, I have found very few.

If I could just find one percent of My people dedicated to total commitment, I could use this huge army to turn this world around and shake it for the Kingdom of God, and many, many, many would not only be saved, but also would move into this high calling of the work of the Lord. Do not be deceived, God is not mocked, I have shown you, My people, My ways. Why are you not obeying them? Why are you not following what I have revealed to you? Why have you forsaken the ways of God for the ways of the world? If you get sick, can the world totally heal you? Can they bless you with all manner of blessings, including eternal life and many other blessings of the spiritual realm? Can they? How can they when they have no knowledge of this! If only they would listen to My voice. Listen to My voice, My people. Those of you who claim to know the things of God and the ways of God, listen to My voice and turn from your worldly ways; and say I have no time for the things of the world, I must move on with the things of the Lord.

This is the way of God, to turn from the worldly things, and move on toward spiritual maturity in the Lord. For by this method I can find apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, and evangelists, to go forward with My Gospel which will renew this earth to My glory that was taken from it when Adam sinned his great sin!


1996 07 02.1

For thus saith the Lord, this is a time to which we shall go in holiness and in power. A time of work, and a time of glory, and a time in which we shall NEVER be turned aside from.

We are going to go in, as the body of Christ, to a time when we shall be following the 14th chapter of the Gospel of John. That means we will come to a place when we will perform together, (you, as My people; and I, as the Lord), in greater miracles than I did on this earth. In much greater miracles. And so it shall always be until the end.


1996 10 21.2

But heed the Word of God in this age. For there are many that will not heed it. You'll find these in the churches. The world couldn't care less about it, but the church will deny it.

Such churches are not of Me. Such leaders in the church who deny My Word, turn away from—do not heed them, they are not of My Kingdom.

It is a sad state to say it, but My church is full of sin, and is full of unbelief, and is full of disobedience.

However, I am purging My church of sin. In the days to come, you'll see much more of this purging than you have in the past. It will come in several ways. But it always will accomplish several major goals.

First, I will purge sin out of My church: either they will repent, or they will go. For you will see churches rise against churches. And leaders within churches rise against each other and fight.

DO NOT FIGHT MY BROTHERS!!!! Under no circumstances fight My brothers!!! This is not of Me. If they are in sin or they are in error, pray for them, pray for them, definitely pray for them!! But do not rise up and fight against them. When the opportunity arises, stand against their error, but do so without hate in your heart or without fighting! You can do that! You should stand against an error without fighting against a person.

You can do it in love. And that's the way you must walk. For those of you who rise up in this coming fight within the churches; they are My evil servants. That is, they are not a servant at all, but they call themselves servants: they are in pride, they are in sin. They must either repent or be removed.

In many cases I will remove churches. Entire churches will fall and split and disappear!!! Because they fell in the sin of pride, the sin of various doctrines. It is not up to you to decide what doctrines are right, it is up to Me. I am the most Holy God. You are not. If you would set the concept in yourselves on serving Me, all these doctrinal questions you have will become FAR LESS IMPORTANT! And you would be spending your time in service to Me rather than arguing amongst yourselves.

Hear Me! I mean business!! I am going to clean up the church. It will be messy! It will be very messy!! It will be extremely messy!!! BUT I WILL DO IT! And when the dust settles and when the war is over, I tell you, I will have a church filled with the Spirit of the Living God.


1997 02 15.1

This is the strong word of the Lord. Beware of the bless me movements that you see. I have commanded you to seek Me and I will reward you. Where do they see that they should be seeking the blessings of God? Where? I said, seek Me, and My work, and My rewards will follow!


1997 05 04.1

The will of the Lord is for those who will listen to the word of the Lord—to listen closely.

Do not compromise the word of the Lord! It is for you to obey completely. Too many have turned their hearts to their own ideas from the service that they once had to the Lord. I have heard their hearts. They have looked upon the fleshly things of this earth. They have turned to look on the things of the earth. They see a place filled with glitter and gold. They look at it so long that they must have that in their life.

But what have I said? I have said, saith the Lord, that you are sojourning in a land that is strange, in a land that is not a way for you to follow, but rather it is for you to be in it, BUT NOT OF IT!!!

Now LISTEN!! I am the Lord that speaks to you. Come out and be you separate! Do not follow after the earthly ways. Turn to the ways that I have spoken to you. Look at the words of My Bible. Look at it: they who offered their lives for Me. They have been rewarded above any other service. Look at the early church. Did not they seek to offer their lives for Me? Did they not? Do not I require this in this life of some of My people? Do not I seek to learn not, but teach the ways of God truly, because I am the Lord? Why do you seek to tell Me what to do? You say, when do I do that? I say, says the Lord God of all, that you do that when you resist Me, My will, and seek your own.

Turn now and follow after the ways of your God. Look at the sacrifice they were willing to pay in scriptures.

Look at what they are doing now, building huge cathedrals to praise their accomplishments!! Who am I saying this about? I am saying this about those who are serving their own goals of this life, not doing what I have called them to do. Such shall not receive a reward for what they call great accomplishments. They have done their own doing to their evil end!


1997 05 21.2

The words of the Lord have not often been followed by those of the church. The ways of God are not the ways of the world. But My people, those who call themselves by My Name have turn their hearts to the ways of the world.

Look at what is said of My so called people. They align themselves with the world, and look like the world. They talk like the world. They act like the world. They work at the things of the flesh. Always seeking a new house, a new car, a new this, or a new that.

I have spoken: we are sojourning through a strange land that you are not citizen to. You are a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Look and know that the way of the Lord has to be spoken by the people of the Lord. They have spoken the ways of the earth. Sin is at the door of My House, the church. I have looked upon it and I have grieved in My heart for the strong ways they have had toward the worldly system of seeking the things of the earth. They have made it their sole occupation to search out, and find the most comfortable life within this earth.

Therefore they shall be judged by the wrath, says the Lord. They have sought the things of the earth. When I bring My wrath down, lets see if they can survive without Me. They have survived without Me in this earth, so lets see when the going gets rough, whether they can walk without Me or not!

Now this may seem to be somewhat fierce from Me, saith the Lord, but it is not. I have brought judgments in the past, and I will bring judgments in the future. But those who will walk with Me, shall be blessed by a protection from the wrath of Me. Those who will not seek Me will fall by that judgment. Those who will repent can then find that wrath protection from that time of repentance onward!

Know that this is a warning of the seriousness of being caught up in the earthly, worldly, system that you are in. Remember, be in the world, BUT NOT OF IT!!


1997 10 25.1

For thus saith the Lord, the King of Kings.

Here is a time and a place for you to listen and prepare yourself for what is to come. For the world is headed into a place of judgment and disaster. No, not tomorrow or the next day, but it shall soon come. Little bit at a time, then a little bit more, and a little bit more.

And as it steps forward, piece by piece, you shall begin to say, "No, this is all of the disaster, all of the wrath, all of the judgment, that can possibly come in this world." Yet more shall occur.

Indeed, as this world goes forward this time of wrath and judgment shall not end. My people, who are called by My Name, who seek My face: they shall walk through, not with the riches of this world—no they shall not have that—they shall have the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, every need and every desire met that is holy and righteous before Him.

For thus saith the Lord, I am that I am, and I cannot fail, I cannot seek the will of man; I seek the will of God. Let the things of this earth fall. They are not important to Me, says the Lord.

For rather in this time of judgment I will raise up a church, like you have never seen a church in your life. I will raise up a church that stands strong, that stands strong, not in the earth in the buildings and in the places that man builds. But rather in this earth, I shall raise up a church out in the open where all can see it. And they shall rise and they shall say, "Yes, I am a christian. Yes, I serve the Lord. Yes, I serve Jesus. Yes, I am the King of Kings servant. I will go where He says go, and I will do what He says do. And I will have a church that is single-heartedly devoted to My will and My cause.

And I will raise up in this time mountains, and people, and things that you cannot begin to understand now. For you will not understand the great changes that will occur in this earth. But as they occur, know this: that I will not depart from you, no, not left nor right—I am with you even unto the ends of the earth, says the Lord. Never shall I betray My people. Rather as these judgments go, and as this wrath comes on this earth—let it be, let it be—do not seek to have it held back, do not seek to hold it back. For it is in this time that My power shall go forth like never before. And it is in this time that My peace shall come like never, never before.

And I shall go forth, says the Lord, and My people shall be strengthened by My hand. And miracle upon miracle, which you have never even heard in your lifetime, shall occur as a regular thing in this time and in this age.

For this is the time of the power of the living God, and you are to [unfortunately some words were lost here].

There is one more thing, says the Lord. Those who have played the religious game, shall not walk the religious walk. There will not be a time for them to say, "I can make it through and look good to the earth."

There's time for My people, says the Lord, there's time for My people to stand up and realize there is a separation between this earth and My kingdom. You will not be able to walk, in those days, and say, "I am a christian," and look like the world. Though you would not, you will have to choose! There will be such a division, like there has never been a division between those who follow Me and those who do not.


1998 10 31.1

For look not unto the church to find the organizational system that I have planned—look unto the book of Acts. For you'll see a church, in the book of Acts, and throughout many of the books of the Bible, how I have designed it to run, designed it to run.

And you'll see the church system crumble and fall, says the Lord, crumble and fall. It shall not stand what is to come. I shall bring a wind into the church that shall change the direction of the people from an organization of man unto an organization of the Lord. Nothing, but nothing, but nothing, but nothing shall stop it! It shall move ahead.

Those that line up with Me, shall stand with Me. Those that line up with the world shall stand with the world. There will be no in between.

Come unto Me all ye who are weary and heavy laden for I shall give you rest. This is the commandments of the Lord.

And I shall create a church that shall reach out to the unsaved. It shall not be built in a building which rarely reaches out to anyone outside, who evangelizes its own self, who hold special meetings and bring in other churches, BUT THEY DON'T BRING IN THE SINNERS!!

I shall bring in a church to this world that shall reach out and touch the unsaved! It shall bring revival. It shall bring new birth. It shall bring ALL the glory of God back where it belongs among My people.

For My people have sought the things of God by way of the ways of man. It cannot happen this way! You must leave the things of man behind, turn unto the things of the Lord, and go forward with the Lord and the ways that I have outlined in My scripture.

Look not unto the things of man and the ways of the church. For the church has learned it from the ways of man. There is no difference between the world and the church in many ways. They have so aligned themselves with the world that it is difficult to see a difference.

But what I shall bring about, says the Lord, shall be a strong revival, but through a new move of God to destroy the works of man among My people!


1999 05 19.1

The church has become a light unto itself instead of unto the world!


1999 09 27.1

For there are times and seasons in this earth that are of Me. Now is the time to see that your heart is dedicated completely, totally, to the ways of the Lord. Now is the time to see that you are completely focused on the ways of God and not the ways of the world.

This is the time I am bringing a correction to My church. This is the time I am bringing a correction to My church. This is the time I am bringing a correction to My church. And those who are caught up in denominations I will change. They will either have to turn from Me and serve the denomination, or turn from the denomination and serve Me.

For I do not serve a split-up church. I serve a church in one faith. Did I not say so in the Word: one faith. And I serve a people of one faith who are not arguing with denominational differences which make no matter to Me.

I seek not whether your doctrine is technically accurate or not. My main concern, says the Lord, is that you have your heart turned on to Me, and to My ways, and to My Word.

When I see that, I can take anything and change it. Look at Saul. Look at Saul, before he became the apostle Paul. He persecuted the christians because his heart was dedicated to the things of God, and he thought the christians were wrong. But I took that man and I changed him. I looked at the heart of Saul. The heart of Saul wanted truth. He just did not know what it was. He had it all mixed up. He had it backwards. But I took the apostle Saul, and I made him exactly that, an apostle; renamed him Paul, and had him write a large part of My Word.

Why is it you cannot see this? It is the heart dedicated to the things of God that count—to the things of the Son, and to the things of the Spirit. This is what I need. This is what I want. This is what My hearts desire is.

If you are a little inaccurate in one thing, or one belief, or one other little thing because you don't understand something, I will correct it. I will show you truth. But I need your heart dedicated to Me. Not sitting down in some corner church arguing why you are right over some other corner church.

For those who fight against Me will loose. For when christians fight against christians they shall loose!

Beware of those who are always trying to win some theological argument. I'm not into that! I'm not into that, says the Lord of Heaven and earth! I'm not into that!

I'm into service—heart dedication. I'll correct your errors, but you see that your heart is to Me, says the Lord God of all!


2000 06 08.1

For there are those who are called into the Kingdom's work, especially as apostles, prophets, and pastors, evangelists, and teachers. I have anointed people to these ministries.

As I pull My people out of the religious organizations to which they have been attending and set up true churches of power and strength, of which some have already been set up, I am calling a great number of people to specific callings in My work: apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, evangelists. I have called them all for My work at this end time.

And as I set this up and strengthen My church and build the strong church—people of strength in the Spirit of their God. Then and only then will the end times really roll in.

For you have seen but the beginning of these end times. For when you see the mighty powers and deeds of God you will know you are walking in the end times.

And yet many years may come to pass, but you are in the end times. And you shall see and you shall know the power of the Lord your God.


2000 06 11.1

For I am restoring My sheep to My church at this hour. I am restoring My sheep to My church.

Take note of this time and beware of this time. Go carefully in the Spirit where I tell you to and I will show you what you are to do and where you are to go.

For I will build a church, says the Lord, that is a one church, one faith, one gospel, and one power! This surely cannot be in a denominational church with its many facets of beliefs here and there.

But I am calling My sheep to one church and to one faith. I am restoring the church again to its rightful state as you find in the book of Acts: a church of one mind, a church of one Spirit, and a church of one gospel.

Thus saith the Lord, I am bringing it to pass and soon you shall see it come!


2000 06 16.1

Right now and in the days to come look and stand steadfast for Jesus. Beware of false teachers, the false prophets, the false apostles, and yes, even the false christs that shall come.

For many shall come and say they are Me, saith the Lord, when they are not. Many shall come as false prophets speaking enticing words, speaking enticing words, speaking enticing words.

But beware, for I am separating the sheep from the goats in the church. I am separating the sheep from the goats in the church. I am separating the sheep from the goats in the church. For in the church there is so many that are false. There are entire churches that will not even accept the Word of God. And yet they call themselves by My Name!

And I am going through the churches. But those that don't accept Me, and those that claim to accept Me, and those that claim some of the Word of God, and those that claim all the Word of God; and I am separating the sheep from the goats, those that serve Me from those who claim to serve Me.

And in this hour and in this time there'll come a deep separation. It is not to destroy the church! I am doing this to separate those that are false from those that are true.

Remember, those that are false have deceived the church for far too long. They have spoken all the right words, but the spirit is not of Me!

So don't be shocked at what you will see. But realize the times and the seasons of which you are. The church and the people must be purified. The church cannot stand in what is to come if they are going to be filled with the filth of this world!

For when the persecution comes they will fall if they stand with the filth of this world. For I cannot stand by and support and empower a church that is filled with filth.

I am purging My church. And I will bring out from the organized religions of this world the people that stand in power and strength for Jesus—for Me, saith the Lord.

And when I do everyone will take note. This will be noticed by the world! They will look around and say, "what is going on!" It will shake up the church! And it will shake up the world!

Those that come out and stand for Me from the organized religions of this earth are going to come out in embattered shape, in poor shape, but I have prepared My people—prophets, apostles, and pastors, and teachers, and yes, even evangelists—I have prepared them to build these people up, to strengthen them.

And when I have finished with them, there's going to be a church without spot and without wrinkle. And I will guarantee the power of My Spirit will flow through them like it has never flowed before.

And as it flows through them you will begin to see this is the church of the end times! This is the church that satan can't stop! Then comes the great end times.

So prepare yourself and be ready. Stand in fasting and praying and in the word of God for what is to come. For it is the great end times. Like nothing has ever come before, this will come. I have absolute control of it. Stand with Me no matter what happens and you will stand with the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.


2000 07 19.1

For the Glory of the Lord has gone forth into the earth to call the apostle, to call the prophet, to call the pastor; and to bring them again into the commands of the New Testament church as He once commanded them to be. So that the prophet will submit humbly to the apostle, and the apostle to the Lord Jesus, and the pastor to them both.

Hear Me, says the Lord, hear Me. I am calling a church that is built upon the Rock of Christ Jesus. I am calling a church that is built upon the foundation of the apostle and prophet. I am calling a church that is built not upon the organizations of this world, but on the power of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I am calling a church, and am now building it in this earth. And I am calling pastors out so that they may go where I say they go, and build where I say they build, and there shall be churches.

These churches shall be here, and they shall be there. They shall be on the street corners. They shall be in buildings. They shall be wherever I plant them, says the Lord.

And nobody will write down an organization for them to follow. For they will humbly and totally and completely submit to the Spirit of the Living God. And everyone will submit to that Spirit. And the power of the Lord will flow through. There will be unity like there has never been unity. And there will be persecution against them like never before.

For this is what I am calling into the earth in this day. This is what I am calling into the earth in this day. This is what I am calling into the earth in this day.

And I cry out unto My prophets and My prophets shall hear, for I have called them in this hour and in this day to heed the word of God and to go forth and to prepare a mighty work for the end times, says the Lord.


2000 07 30.1

For My church, called by My Name, have been called to go to the streets and to preach the gospel. And yet, so very few have.

Among those denominational, organizational churches, who have built themselves huge buildings, who have built themselves great ideals, and a majestic place in the stature and nature of society—they have been the ones who have not gone.

Oh, they have made great progress at bringing in people to the church, in great organizational systems they have moved to bring more people to the church. But they have yet to go out into the highways and the byways and preach the Word. For that is what I have called them to do. Did not I command this in the 16th chapter of Mark. Did not I command this to every single person to preach the Word wherever you go.

Therefore I am calling together a united people. People not organized by the world, not organized after the fashion of the world, not organized after the manner of the world, to go out into the highways and the byways, to go out into the streets and preach the Word of God.

Find them that don't go to church. Find them that don't want to, and let them know Jesus loves them, Jesus cares, Jesus died for them, Jesus wants them. Let them know! That is the calling of every single christian. That is the calling that the church has missed almost entirely. There are very few of those churches who really accomplish this. And yet, there are some; and there are ministries that are doing that.

And those ministries I have raised up. I have raised them up in great number. Yet few have actually gone forth beyond the beginnings of the ministry. They see a great wall of doubt, and they stop. Some see a great wall of problems, and they stop. And others see a great wall of persecution, and they stop. But I tell you, says the Lord God, I have called the church out to preach the Word in the streets! And I call them again!!

If they will not answer, I will raise up churches that do. I will raise up churches that will. For I will have the Word preached, says the Lord God.


2000 08 27.1

Fur thus says the Lord, when I look at the church today, when I look at My people; I see marks, marks of sin, marks of wickedness on the churches today.

For there are ministers, who are ministers because they called themselves to be so! They did not desire a commitment to Me, nor did I desire them to walk in the minster walk that they have said they were called too. They called themselves. They liked to be foremost in the church. They liked to be looked up too. They liked to be in power and in control.

So many of the ministers in the churches today fit that description. This is not My will. This is not My will. It is My will for the power and strength of the Lord Jesus Christ (of Me), saith the Lord, to flow through humble servants of obedience. And they do exist! And they are out there serving Me in the humility that I call them to!

But there are so many who have led the church into pride, who walk in the spirit of pride, who have destroyed the lambs with the sin of pride; all so they could be looked up too, so they can make a name for themselves, so they can be in control!

Thus says the Lord God, this is coming to an end. I am going through the spirit of the churches and what is right will stand fast, and what is wrong will rise up in ugliness and fight what is right.

But My people will stand, says the Lord; for they know Me, says the Lord; and they know the Spirit of Me, says the Lord; and they shall follow after their Shepherd, says the Lord.

Hear and know this: that when you see the real division occurring between those that serve and those that rise up to control and to take charge, note where you stand. For those who rise up in power to fight in this day, to stand against the things of the Lord—they shall make great noise, and they are evil. And they are the evil that is the problem in the churches today!!

Listen and know this! Those who quietly and humbly continue to serve, those are the ones who have My heart, those are the ones that are serving Me, those are the ones whose hearts are truly dedicated to Me. They will take wickedness piled upon them AND NOT RETALIATE!! That's how you will know the righteous ones! They will not retaliate. They will love their enemies! They will do good to them that hate them! They will pray for those who hate them! They will love those who hate them! THAT'S HOW YOU WILL KNOW THE RIGHTEOUS ONES from the wicked ones in the days to come!!!

For the Spirit of Love flows through the Spirit of Jesus, for it is the same!

Thus says the Lord, so be it. There has to be a division between right and wrong. I cannot allow the church to continue in the sin it is. So says the Lord God!!


2000 09 03.1

For thus says the Lord, My people, called by My Name, seek together to send a message to the world that they are like them. For they do not want to be laughed at. They do not want to be made fun of. So they have holed themselves up in churches, not taking the gospel to the streets; and said to themselves, we are preaching God's Word because we ask those outside to come in!

Oh foolish fools, for where were you when those people walked the earth seeking truth, not knowing where to find it.

I did not say, ask them to come in; I said, go out into the world and preach the Word!


2001 04 05.1

As I closed my eyes during prayer this morning I could see a mass of people coming toward me, more than I could count. I was above their heads as they came. As I watched they raised their hands in praise to God I knew in my spirit the praise was for delivering them from the world and the ways of the world.

In the distance I could see from where they had come. They were coming out of many different churches. As I watched I understood in my spirit they were leaving because they had been pushed out.

Now thus says the Lord. These are My people called by My Name. In every church and in every denomination I have placed My people, called by My Name, serving Me in truth, serving Me in humility, and serving Me in holiness.

There is coming a time when they shall not compromise the Word. And there will come a division between those of My people who will not compromise the Word––the Word of God––and those of the world which fill the churches having placed themselves in positions of power, and positions of control, and have made the churches power of none effect.

For the church power is My power, says the Lord, and none of it is being put forward in these churches because of the control of the people of the world over the people of God.

There is coming a great war within the church, a non-compromising people, some of which will leave of their own free will but most will be pushed out in this war, a great spiritual war, which will see many people pushed out of the church. And they will come out dazed and not understanding that it is My will for them to come out.

For you see there is a great compromise within the churches: a compromise of My Word, a compromise of My will. And as I bring out My people they shall become united like the first century church and they shall go forth in the power of the Holy Spirit and the church shall return; and the church, the true church, the people, shall be united in great strength on the streets, and in the cities, and in towns, and wherever you go. They shall be united. And they will become the church.

Yes, there will still be divisions, denominations here and denominations there, but they will not be of Me! For either the denomination will repent and bow its knee and serve Me and just become the church and not a denomination, or I will reject the denomination and bring My people out. For I will not have a divided church in the last days. I cannot have a divided church in the last days. I need My power to flow through these people. I need unity, not division. I need humility, not arguments over differences of doctrine. And I need My people to flow in the strength. For in these last days there must come a great harvest of souls into the church and without this unity it can never come.

For I am not in favour of this war, but I must bring it to pass to bring the unity again. I must create a division between those who compromise and those who serve. I must bring a division between those who are of the world and are in control, and those who in humility want to serve Me. And they must be in unity with Me. Those in humility––they must be in unity.

This will come to pass. You are seeing a little bit now, as a few people are called out of the denominations. But many of My people are still there. Many of My people still want to be there. And I am telling them now, there is coming a time I will bring them out.

Don’t rush out, and don’t rush to stay in. Heed My Spirit and when it comes, follow the Spirit of the Lord. Be in unity one with another. Do not argue differences of doctrine, but rather join in ranks in the power of the Holy Spirit, and be a sign unto the world, and be a witness unto the world, and be a power of the Holy Spirit. And this will bring in the great last day harvest of souls of which I will bring in hundreds of thousands throughout the world into the gospel way. So says the Lord!


2002 08 24.2

In the coming days I will, says the Lord, make unto the church a Spirit of power. This Spirit is My Spirit, says the Lord, and I will place it within any church that will humble themselves and obey my voice.


2002 10 25.1

Now in these days, says the Lord, there shall come a renewal of My power within the church. There are many that shall say this is so. But I say, says the Lord, that it is not the church that you see today that shall be renewed, but rather those that I call out of the organized religious institutions that shall be renewed.

For they shall be called out and they shall seek Me with a pure heart, and I shall answer them and they shall be endowed with power from on high as in the days of the book of Acts.

For when people put aside their former beliefs and turn with a whole heart unto Me, they will find that I still anoint and empower as I have always done.


2003 01 31.1

For thus saith the Lord. Do not despair. I am going throughout the churches of America to see who will put My Name first, who will put the salvation by the Blood of the Lamb above all else. Those who do so will be blessed by the Lord above; but those who do not will be condemned by Me.

Do not turn to the world or the world’s ways. Do not listen to the ways of many who compromise My gospel. Those who turn away from the compromising position of the worldly church will be blessed by Me. Those who continue in the work of compromising My Word will be condemned!

Do not doubt this word. I am going throughout the world and throughout the churches in America to see who will put me first. It is time that the worldliness be burned out of the church! It is time to see that God is placed first above all things. There is power in the name of Jesus. Those who walk in that power are walking with Me. Those who do not walk in the power are walking with the world.

Not only will I turn away from godless churches, but I will turn to those who are truly serving Me in truth and power, and I will give them a protection in this time. For coming soon is a persecution and a strong attack against My people. Not only that but there is coming trouble to America’s shores. I will protect and guide My people through this time.

Do not partake in those churches and religious organizations who will not listen to the Word of God and follow it in a complete way.


2003 02 16.1

In a dream I was walking around an old church building. This building had an old cracked foundation in very bad shape. I was walking along the back of the church on an old sidewalk that was in worse shape than the church building. It was badly sunk in places and I had to be careful to not trip on the concrete.

As I walked along I was aware of what the people in this church were planning. There was a person who was with me and he asked what they were going to do with this old church building. I told him that the people of this church had decided to tear it down and rebuild in another location outside of the city. As he looked at the cracked foundation he remarked to me that that was a very good idea, it was what they needed to do.

Then as I had almost finished walking around the building I stepped on two nails which went into my shoe, but not into my foot. I looked at how far in they were and was thinking I would need a hammer to pull them out. I then woke up.

It was then that the Lord began to show me the meaning of what I had just seen. He said there were three main important facts about this church.

1. The foundation was cracked because they had built on worldly things, not on the Rock Christ Jesus.

2. They were building outside the city limits. It was a great new church to themselves and they were moving away from the people it was originally designed to reach.

3. The walkway at the back of the church was so cracked it was hard to walk on, and this was an indication that it would be very hard for an outside person to find the way, in that church, to Jesus.

Then the Lord began to show me the symbolism of the nails on the sidewalk going around the church. They represent the additional troubles of preaching against sin, rather than deliverance from sin. One nail represents the preaching against sin without any obvious deliverance, the other represents the refusal to show the people, who sought for an answer, the deliverance through Jesus’ Blood.


2003 03 05.1

For thus says the Lord. I am that I am.

I have created one church, one Bible, and one truth. Therefore, all who profess to believe in Me must believe to one truth, one God, and one church. Where do we find one church? Where? Why are there so many organizations that use My Name and do not bow to the will of God for one church?

In My Word I condemned factions and denominations or sects of My church. You will find it in I Corinthians 1.

Obey My Word now! Return to the days of the book of Acts where My people were one; humbling themselves under the might hand of God.

Turn away from the sins that you have. Destroy your divisions of Me. Become a local church that will not, under any circumstances, change or alter what the Bible says.

Leave any church that will not confess that God is all and they are nothing. Return to the humility of the first century church. Look at what My Word says and believe it; not what some theologian interprets. Stand for all of God’s Word and lead the world to Christ!


2003 06 18.2

For thus says the Lord. I am the One who you should be worshipping. I am the One who you should be paying attention too. I am the One who is in control of everything.

Those who stand for their denomination, those who stand for their beliefs separate from the Bible, those who stand for their money organized churches; will stand for the world and I will not be their help when the troubles and denominational fights begin.

Yes, there will be fights between churches, fights within churches, and fights between those within the churches and those without. I am calling My people to stand for peace and love––even to love those who are wrong––and bring a Spirit of love to those who persecute them. I am calling My people to stand for peace and not fight at this time. For those who fight will lose; and those who will not fight but stand in love for the truth of the Bible will be raised up victorious by Myself in the end.

Stand and know that troubled times are coming. Stand and know that there is a way of the world which will lead to sin within the churches. Stand and know that there is a way of God which will lead to truth without man-made, money organized, churches. So says the Lord.


2004 02 2.1

My body, says the Lord, is headed into the last days, but it is not ready for the last days. They are influenced by the world around them. They do not pray. They do not fast. They do not meditate on My Word. But they spend time in front of the TV watching all the filth that is on there. They do spend time watching all the movies of the world. How is this feeding their spirit? I say they are weak, yes, very weak in the spirit, says the Lord.


2004 02 8.2

Thus saith the Lord. Those churches who are truly not part of division-making shall be blessed by Me. Those churches who will not stand as a true and separate church from divisions (denominations) shall be removed.

I will not longer have divisions within My body. They shall be removed.

I will do this in the coming years.


2004 04 28.1

Thus saith the Lord. Here in this earth people have a pride and a will to control what they perceive to be there’s––that is, they wish to control “their church.” But it is My church, saith the Lord. It is Mine. I bought and paid for it with My Blood. They are to serve Me, not themselves!

So therefore, remember to bow down and serve the King of Kings. Do not be concerned about the workings of the church, for I have that under control. Do concern yourself with what I wish you to do for Me.

Remember that all are called to witness and be a light wherever they go. Remember that I wish to control My church with those that I call to various ministries. Do not be dismayed that so many have gone astray after their own lusts in “owning their church.” It has always been this way and it will always be this way until I return. For I will return and set all things right.

Now remember to serve Me and not be concerned about the evils within the church, for I will take care of them in My way. Remember to not fight against your brothers in the Lord, even if they are so obviously wrong. Remember to love them and by that love lead them into the truth, for it is by love that you can most serve Me.

Now put aside petty differences between you and all others. Remember to serve Me with love and to go out of your way to help others. So says the Lord.


2004 05 06.1

Thus says the Lord. Did I not command My people to submit to the leading of the Holy Spirit? Why then do I find man-organized man-controlled organizations who call themselves by My Name? In the book of Acts I saw the multitudes bow down and serve Me. But here in this world we now have an organization which is answerable to itself and the votes of its members.

Blasphemy! Great blasphemy!! So says the Lord!


2004 07 6.1

The church has tried to make things complicated when they are simple. Faith is simple. Miracles are simple. Salvation is simple. But those who study are always looking for the complex. Cry before God. Make straight your paths. Stand and defend God’s Word. Do not compromise. These things are simple.


2004 07 16.1

For thus saith the Lord. My power is blowing through the church. It will burn with fire all things. Those that stand on the Word in truth shall remain. Those that stand in the power of this earth shall be brought down.

No more shall sin enter at the door. I will prevent this by My power, saith the Lord.

With a new and bold church I will enter these last days with power. No more worldliness in the church. My power shall flow as it once did when I left this earth.

Those things that remain from the fire I will take out of the financial institutions that dares call itself “church” and I will build again My people.

So says the Lord of all.