The Vision Of Jesus And Two Prophets

2003-04-15 - Dan Fineman

Dear Readers,

You probably know by now that one of the things God uses me to do is to point towards other prophets. There may be some confusion that arises from this. God gave me a vision that he told me to post on the website that will help explain His intentions. If you read the prophecies carefully, God nevers says to seek the prophets, but instead says to listen to the words of the true prophets for they are the words of God. Before I begin with the vision, I will quote some of the earlier prophecies.

(This first excerpt refers to Thomas Gibson. Notice the focus on the words and not the prophet.)


Pay. My son. Pay him back. Pay him back. Pay him back because the words that I gave him to speak have formed you and shaped you. The words that I gave him to speak have strengthened you and helped you. So, I want you to say to my people that I have set him above them that they may listen to the words that I give to him.


I want you to know this, that you will not be confused or deceived by liars. But, I have I sent my true prophets, and I have revealed my secret to them, and they have been faithful to share my word with you. These prophets, and this is only a partial list, but I have chosen these names carefully. I have chosen them carefully. These prophets, these prophets have revealed my will and my word. They are Dumitru Duduman, Bob Neumann, Ray Aguilera, and Thomas Gibson. I want you my people to read the word of the prophecies that I have given them, to read them, for I speak through them, and I have spoken through them. I want you to seek these words out for they are my words, and they give me glory.


Read my word. Pray to me and learn to hear my voice. As you hear me speak through my true prophets, do not look to them, do not take your eyes off me.Do not interpret this word with your mind for I have called my people to be submissive and to listen to the words I give my true prophets, for I will have order in my church. Ignoring and mocking my true prophets is a sin that will not go unpunished unless there is repentance.



It was a beautiful sunny day and I was at the beach kneeling in the sand. The sky was dotted with fair weather clouds. There were condos to my left, and the ocean was to my right. Sand stretched before me into the distance. There were some sunbathers but most of them were clustered together in the distance.. There were two men kneeling with me. There was one on each side of me. We were all facing in the same direction. Jesus stood in front of us a short distance away. As we knelt in the sand, we all kept our eyes on Jesus.

One of the men started to speak. He was prophesying. He was speaking God's word. As he spoke, I could see Jesus simultaneously lip synch to the words. I knew that this meant that he was speaking true prophecy. He was like a radio tuned into Jesus, and he was broadcasting the words of Jesus for us to hear. By looking at Jesus, I could tell if he was speaking in true prophecy or not. If the lips of Jesus did not move, then prophet was not prophesying God's word. If I did not look at Jesus, he may have been speaking truthfully, but I would lose the ability to discern the truthfulness of his words. Should the prophet make an error when I am not looking at Jesus, I would not be able to notice. This part of the vision explains why God said, "As you hear me speak through my true prophets, do not look to them, do not take your eyes off me."

So my job as a listener was to keep my eyes on Jesus. This way I can discern whether or not the words are true. The prophet must also keep his (or her) eyes on Jesus in order to check to see if the lips of Jesus are moving in synch with the words that they are speaking.

In the next part of the vision, I took my eyes off Jesus and looked at the prophet. It seemed to me that the prophet was speaking blasphemous words! I looked to Jesus quickly and I noticed that Jesus was still moving his lips in synch with the prophets words. God revealed to me that if I don't look at Jesus, I will not interpret the words of the prophet with my spirit, but in the flesh. Without Jesus, the words of the true prophet will appear to be in error.

The other prophet began to speak in prophecy. He too was a true prophet and I could see Jesus moving his lips as the prophet spoke. A beautiful young woman in a bikini walks by and the prophet begins to stare at her. She notices his attention and comes over to flirt with him. He babbles unintelligibly and then starts putting handfuls of sand in his mouth. The woman is turned off by his weird behavior and walks away.

The prophet, now with his mouth stuffed with sand, looks pleadingly at Jesus. Jesus, smiling, walks over and hands him a cup of water. He rinses the sand out of his mouth with the water. He then begins to prophesy again. Every once in a while he spits out a few grains of sand that come loose as he speaks. I see Jesus lips move, and it even looks like he is doing facial muscle exercises. I do not have the full interpretation of this part of the vision, but I have included it in obedience. I sense that the prophet who stuffed his mouth with sand was deliberately restraining himself from speaking in prophecy until he knew that he was ready to speak again.

There is one more part to the vision that I don't fully understand yet. The first prophet who prophesied begins to look at me while he is speaking. I'm thinking, "he's in danger of falling. He has to keep his eyes on Jesus." I then saw that the prophet could see a reflection of Jesus's face over mine. He could still see Jesus as he looked to me, the listener.

I just received a prophecy that interprets the vision.

Prophecy 4-15-2003

My son. In the last part of the vision you represented my faithful church, the church that reflects my glory, and has my image, and my likeness. This is why the prophet looked at you and could see my face, for the church is my body and I am the Head, and the church united in me will have my image.

I want my children, my church, my people to seek my face. I want them to read the Bible, to pray to me continually, to worship me. I want them to seek the baptism of the Holy Spirit, to seek my gifts, to seek my anointing. I want them to do these things, and I want them to walk in my love, and to follow my example, and to live as I lived. This is how I want my children to seek my face, and this is what I mean when I say seek my face, look to me, look to me. When you look to me, and you learn to hear my voice, and when you develop a personal relationship with me, you will be able discern my voice, and you will know when I am speaking and when I am not speaking. If you look only to the prophets, or a prophet tells you to look to them alone, you are committing idolatry, and that prophet is a false prophet, for my true prophets will turn you to me, and tell you to look to me. And you must not think that it is enough to read the prophecies of my true prophets. You must each seek me and obey me, each as individuals, and develop a personal relationship with me. Then and only then can you understand the words that I speak through my true prophets for these words are spirit, just like the words in the Bible, and if you do not know me, you will misinterpret their words. You cannot understand these words in the flesh, but only by my Spirit. So, pray to me, read the Bible, seek me, cry out to me, and I will give you wisdom, and I will not lead you astray. Listen to my voice. I am Jesus and I love you, and listen to my prophets for I speak words through them. I will have order in my church, and the church is built on the foundation of the Apostles and the Prophets, and I am the Chief Cornerstone. And my word is true. I love you my people. Peace.


2 Chron. 20:20 (ESV)
    And they rose early in the morning and went out into the wilderness of Tekoa. And when they went out, Jehoshaphat stood and said, "Hear me, Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem! Believe in the Lord your God, and you will be established; believe his prophets, and you will succeed."


Näky Jeesuksesta ja Kahdesta Profeetasta.

Dan Fineman


Rakkaat lukijat,

Sinä varmaan tiedät jo nyt, että yksi niistä alueista, jolla Jumala käyttää minua, on että minä osoitan kohti toisia profeettojaJa tästä voi nousta jonkinlaista hämmennystä. Jumala antoi minulle näyn, jonka Hän käski postittaa kotisivuilleni, jotta se auttaisi selittämään Hänen aikomuksiaanJos luet profetiat tarkasti, niin näet ettei Jumala koskaan käske sinua etsimään profeettoja, vaan sen sijaan kuuntelemaan oikeiden profeettojen sanoja, koska ne ovat Jumalan sanojaEnnen kuin aloitan näyllä, minä lainaa joitakin aiempia profetioita.

(Tämä ensimmäinen katkelma viittaa Thomas GibsoniinHuomaa että sen kohteena ovat sanat eikä profeetta.)


Maksa. Minun poikani. Maksa hänelle takaisin. Maksa hänelle takaisin. Maksa hänelle takaisin, koska ne sanat jotka minä annoin hänelle puhuttavaksi, ovat muovanneet ja muokanneet sinua. Ne Sanat, jotka annoin hänelle puhuttavaksi, ovat vahvistaneet ja auttaneet sinua. Joten haluan sanoa minun ihmisilleni, että olen asettanut hänet heidän yläpuolelleen, jotta he voisivat kuulla ne sanat, jotka Minä olen antanut hänelle.


Haluan teidän tietävän tämän, jotta ette hämmentyisi ja tulisi valehtelijoiden pettämiksi. Sillä Minä olen lähettänyt minun oikeat profeettani, ja minä olen paljastanut salaisuuteni heille, ja he ovat olleet uskollisia jakaessaan minun sanani teidän kanssanne. Nämä profeetat, ja tämä on vain osittainen lista, mutta olen valinnut nämä nimet tarkasti. Minä olen valinnut ne tarkasti. Nämä profeetat, nämä profeetat ovat ilmoittaneet minun tahtoni ja minun sanani. He ovat Dumitru Duduman, Bob Neumann, Ray Aguilera, ja Thomas Gibson. Minä haluan ihmisteni lukevan niiden profetioiden sanat, jotka Minä olen antanut heille, lukevan ne, sillä Minä puhun niiden kautta. Haluan teidän etsivän nämä sanat, sillä ne ovat minun sanojanija ne antavat minulle kunniaa.


Lukekaa minun sanaani. Rukoilkaa minua ja oppikaa kuulemaan minun ääneniJakun te kuulette minun puhuvan oikeiden profeettojeni kautta, älkää katsoko heihin, älkää ottako silmiänne pois minusta.Älkää tulkitko tätä sanaa mielellänne, sillä minä olen kutsunut ihmisiäni olemaan alamaisia ja kuuntelemaan niitä sanoja, joita minä annan todellisille profeetoilleni, koska haluan että minun seurakunnassani on järjestysMinun todellisten profeettojeni sivuuttaminen ja pilkkaaminen on synti, joka ei jää ilman rangaistusta, ellei siellä ole parannusta.