Thomas Gibson – New Heaven and New Earth / 1000-year Reign


1996 05 21.1

Thus says the Lord God of Israel. I am the One who controls all things. I will not turn against My people, not ever! The Lord God of Israel will always serve His people as they serve Him.

In the age to come, the one thousand year age, there will come a time of deep devotion to Me, says the Lord. There will also come another time of strange gods on this earth. As the hearts of the people slowly turn against My will, to their own will, I will again reveal My power of wrath and judgment. This will occur during the one thousand year reign that you thought would be of peace and contentment.

But look at My word. In My word, in the last book of My Bible I wrote that the one thousand year reign would have a time when satan would be released, and judgment would fall. So it will end, but there will also be times of wrath and judgment previous to this. I will have a people that will turn against Me no more. They will serve Me.

I am, at this time, turning toward My servants. They are being revealed by the circumstances around them. They are being revealed by the power around them. They are being revealed by the Holy walk that they have. They are being revealed by the way of righteousness which will always be with them. At this time, those who will serve Me will be blessed far more than even they could imagine in their heart of hearts.

This is the will of God, to reveal the hearts of those who will serve Me forever in eternal blessings throughout all time and throughout all space, far beyond what you could know or think of knowing. This will bring in the time of the New Heaven and the New Earth. I have blessed so many of My-will-receiving people, (those that receive of the new covenant, the new will of My Word), that you could not comprehend the compassion of My Word to you. This earth now represents nothing of any importance to you!! It is evil!! It will bedestroyed!!

At this time I will destroy this earth completely. Never put your hearts treasure in this place—it belongs to the heavenly realm—this is where you put your treasure!

Those who will serve Me with their whole heart, will be servants or priests with Me in the new age of the one thousand years. Those who will not serve Me, will be damned!!

So it is. The will God to the end of this earth. Put your trust in the Lord God, serve Him, not earth, and you shall have your place in this New Heaven and New Earth that is to come!



1996 05 23.1

This is what you that follow Me will see, says the Lord God of all, the New Heaven and the New Earth. More happiness, glory, power, than ever known in this age, will come to be. I WILL RESTORE EVERYTHING THAT SATAN STOLE FROM THIS EARTH WHEN HE BROUGHT SIN TO EVE AND ADAM!! I will restore it!!! That's a guarantee. I will no longer have any sin to deal with. It shall be in satan's domain, the eternal lake of fire, forever. That's all you need to know about the New Heaven and Earth from a spiritual standpoint. It is perfect!

So now strive to be your best for the glory of the Lord God. It is for His glory that you serve Me. Those that heed Me far more quickly in obedience to Me, will have the higher position in this New Earth. I will bless them far beyond anything that you could ask or  think  in this age or the age to come before this New Heaven/New Earth.

So leave aside the things that now possess you, to learn the ways of God truly, completely, and prophetically. For the prophets I am raising up will help you, guide you, to a new understanding of My Kingdom. Those that are false prophets will be revealed by My Spirit. Those who listen to the Spirit of the Lord God will know the false prophet. For I will reveal him openly. BUT those that listen not to the Word of the Lord will be deceived many times by the spirits of false prophets!

So listen to the ways of the Lord. Spend time with Me in prayer, fasting, Bible study. Know the ways of God, and you shall stand firm in the days to come. Therefore, will you be blessed in this age that will come, 'cause you told the ways of your God rightly to your neighbour, to all you know, or come into contact with, for they will be deceived and you are sent to tell them the truth!